Confucius Institute in Artois Holds an International Seminar on “Cultural and Intercultural: Knowledge, Skills and Assessment”

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Artois [Time]    2018-07-06 09:29:52 

During 28th and 30th, June, 2018, the Confucius Institute in Artois, jointly with Artois University and Texts and Cultures Research Center, held an International seminar on “Cultural and Intercultural: Knowledge, skills and assessment” and the 11th edition of European Chinese Teachers Training on “Oral Teaching in Chinese courses: interaction expression and continuous expression”.

The keynote speakers included Professor Joël Bellassen, HDR member of the team PLIDAM, INALCO, Professor Léon Vandermeersch of EPESS, Emeritus Professor Michael Byram of Durham University, UK, Emeritus Professor Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes of Sorbonne Ⅲ, Professor Zhang Guoxian of Mons University, and Professor Jin Siyan of Artois University. About 70 directors, Chinese teachers, PHD students and master students of Confucius Institutes and universities from seven European countries attended this event.

At 9:30 of June 28th, Director Jin Siyan of the Confucius Institute in Artois declared the commencement of the International seminar and European Chinese Teachers Training. Professor Joël Bellassen, as the first speaker, presented on Didactic Transposition of cultural aspects and its obstacles in Chinese courses. Then, Professor Michael Byram analyzed the conditions and skills for a successful intercultural communication and the contribution of languages didactics.

The teacher training scene

The teacher training scene

At 13:30, after a brief introduction by Professor Joël Bellassen, Professor Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes reported the intercultural considerations and co-cultural usages from assessment to self-confrontation. Later, Professor Léon Vandermeersch explored Chinese Characters and Chinese Literati Painting from theaesthetic dimension of “wen”. Finally, Professor Jin Siyan, through a report on the cultural transfert awareness in classical Chinese language teaching, appealed on a rethinking about the value of cultural transmission in Teaching Chinese as a second language.

The teacher training scene

The teacher training scene

In the morning of June 29th, Professor Joël Bellassen continued his topic the day before, and discussed in detail with the audiences through some cases. In the afternoon, Professor Zhang Guoxian presented on Structural/global method and Verb/tonal phonetics in foreign Chinese teaching, which inspired the audiences by changing the traditional concept of accent reduction and strengthening communicative discourse input as a whole structure. At the end, President Pasquale Mammone of Artois University, Professor Léon Vandermeersch and Director Jin Siyan hosted the Training Certificate Award Ceremony.

On June 30th, the Chinese teachers and the members of the Confucius Institute went to Amiens to visit the biggest cathedral in France, Amiens Cathedral, regarded as one of the best Gothic architectures during its times.

Members of teacher training

This event not only gave the Chinese teachers and scholars a chance to share the newest research outcomes, but also promoted intercultural communication, both of which provided an important reference for Chinese teaching. It also enhanced the cooperation and communication among the Confucius Institutes in Europe, and increased the influences of Confucius Institutes in Chinese teaching.

Edition/WU Qian, Photo/LIN Jiaju