Launching Ceremony of 2nd “Chinese Language Teaching Idols” Summer Camp and 2018 Exchange Conference on Teaching of Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Held at Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-06-25 14:28:50 

On the morning of June 20th, 2018, the launching ceremony of the Second “Chinese Language Teaching Idols” Summer Camp and the 2018 Exchange Conference on Teaching of Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) was held at the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). 59 contestants and 12 mentors from 48 colleges and universities nationwide gathered together. Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director-General of Hanban attended the launching ceremony and conferred the camp banner to the representatives.

During the activity, all contestants and their leading teachers took photos in front of the flags of all nations outside the headquarters and visited the Chinese Culture Experience Center cheerfully to closely appreciate the profoundness of Chinese culture. Contestants tried on Peking Opera costumes, experienced digital Peking Opera masks and “played” Chinese zither.

On the launching ceremony, teachers from mentor team introduced themselves and encouraged the contestants to demonstrate excellent performance. Hu Yue, the Chinese contestant from Tianjin Normal University representing MTCSOL and Ben Elmakias, the American contestant studying in East China Normal University representing the counterpart from abroad, delivered speeches respectively. 12 full-time teachers from relevant Confucius Institutes will participate in the whole process and guide contestants to better engage in the exchange conference.

“The Era Calls for Idol”

Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director-General of Hanban and Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters, addressing the ceremony

Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director-General of Hanban and Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. On behalf of Confucius Institute Headquarters, he welcomed the contestants joining the Chinese Language Teaching Idols and their leading teachers, and said, “First of all, congratulations. You are already idols for standing out from fierce competitions in five areas to be enrolled in the summer camp in Beijing. Hopefully, you will stand out in the country and even the whole world to become idols.”

He also expressed that, “The new era calls for idols. We need idols good at study as well as those devoted to Chinese language teaching. You major in Chinese education and are determined to become Chinese language teachers one day. In the future, the stage for Chinese language teachers is big enough to show your talents and thus you can become greater idols. Meanwhile, our era needs more idols for exchanges, or to say, idols as messenger of Chinese language. After all, we learn languages for cultural exchanges, for opening a path that connects the peoples of China and the world. We need idols of all respects.”

“By Helping Each Other Forward, We Never Feel Alone”

Representative of campers delivering a speech: Hu Yue from Tianjin Normal University

“The First ‘Chinese Language Teaching Idols’ aroused warm responses at home and abroad last year. People race to learn from and imitate the contestants from their teaching videos online. Seeing more and more people choose to devote to Chinese language teaching, as a member in this undertaking, I feel very encouraging.” Hu Yue expressed, “the ‘Chinese Language Teaching Idols’ provides a platform for MTCSOL, so that young teachers like us could show talents and pursue our dreams. On this stage, we can create infinite possibilities.” She also believed, “In the Second ‘Chinese Language Teaching Idols’ Summer Camp, we contact closely with experts and mentors from home and abroad, share and compete with excellent peers of Chinese language teaching. Certainly, we will learn a lot and outdo ourselves by progressing from our previous knowledge. On the way of Chinese language teaching, by helping each other forward, we would never feel alone.”

“Please Accept My Admiration”

Representative of campers delivers a speech: Ben Elmakias from East China Normal University

As soon as he arrived in Beijing, Ben Elmakias felt the warmth from the city and its citizens. He said, “First of all, we are all future Chinese language teachers and friends, then we are contestants. However, the role of contestants only exists in a short time while friends last for a whole life.” He always thinks about several questions, “What can be the charm of teacher? How to deliver a class that is useful and interesting? How to help students find their fulfillment?” He hoped that, “through the platform of “Chinese Language Teaching Idols”, he could communicate and discuss with the contestants, thus progress together.” “I will bring back to America all knowledge about Chinese culture, Chinese history and its fascination I have learned and felt in Beijing and China. I will show the American people and the whole world the splendor of China.” He expressed gratitude to the teachers for their guidance and friends for their company. “Dear Hanban, teachers and friends, please accept my admiration.”

“New Changes in Hanban”

The Chinese contestant Zhang Zhengmiao and Nigerian contestant Harford Michael Kenechukwu, both from Nankai University, become friends through “Chinese Language Teaching Idols”. They prepare for the competition together and encourage each other. They expressed that, by joining in this competition, they harvest friendship and improve their proficiency in teaching Chinese language. As was the first time for Zhang Zhengmiao to visit Hanban, she said, “In the limited space of Hanban gallery, some of the most typical objects of Chinese culture are displayed, which provides excellent experience for newcomers.” While for Harford Michael Kenechukwu, it was the third time for him to visit here. From “Chinese Bridge” to “Chinese Language Teaching Idols”, every time he visits Hanban he finds something new. Hanban has witnessed how he has grown during the process, “New changes can be seen at Hanban as more items are on display. I really like these changes.”

“Do My Best”

For Chinese contestants Qin Yue and Duan Qiusi from Shanghai International Studies University, it was the first time to visit Hanban. Duan Qiusi said, “Entering the building of Hanban, I see flags of different countries as if arriving at the building of UN. But Hanban bears more Chinese characteristics and the gallery combines modern with traditional elements.” Qin Yue said, “As my first visit to Hanban, it feels holy. I major in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, and will dedicate to this career, so Hanban for me is like a holy palace.” Mentioning the competition due to be held later, they expressed, “All contestants are elites selected from different areas, so I was a little nervous since the beginning. From self-introduction to group activities, I felt that all contestants are competitive.” She hoped to do her best in the competition.

Mentor team: Full-time teacher Ye Yingying from East China Normal University

Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director-General of Hanban and Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters, talking to and taking photos with campers

Campers in front of flags of all nations

Contestant visiting Chinese Culture Experience Center and playing Chinese bell set

International Chinese teaching is a noble undertaking that aims at facilitating people around the world to understand more about Chinese language and culture, strengthening China’s friendship with all countries, promoting cultural diversity and building a harmonious world. As “China Craze” and “Chinese Craze” are heating up, the Confucius Institute has become an important platform for people around the world to learn Chinese, to get to know China and to facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. Highly-qualified teachers are of vital importance to high-quality Chinese language teaching and to the sustainable development of the Confucius Institute. As a feast of exchange for MTCSOL, “Chinese Language Teaching Idols” provides young Chinese language teachers a platform to showcase their ability to teach and help more people get familiar with the undertaking of Chinese language teaching. “Chinese Language Teaching Idols” is a challenge and a chance of improvement for young people, as well as a discussion on the training model of MTCSOL.