Confucius Institute at the University of the Bahamas Hosts HSK Series Tests for Spring Semester

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of the Bahamas [Time]    2018-06-05 16:51:02 

On May 19th , the HSK1/2 , HSKK Tests of 2018 was hosted by the Confucius Institute at the University of the Bahamas. Altogether 22 candidates wrote the tests today. Apart from the students of the mandarin courses delivered by the Confucius Institute, other members of the local community also sat the tests.

For the purpose of guaranteeing the success of these tests and helping the candidates passing the tests as much as possible, the Confucius Institute organized several mock tests in advance to familiarize the candidates with the types of test questions and relevant requirements as well as the whole testing procedure. Besides, the CI compiled a brochure for HSK candidates with detailed instruction on various aspects of tests in accordance with the official “Manual for Administering HSK and HSKK” written by Han Ban. The day before the tests, the Confucius Institute staff inspected the test room, tested the audio equipment and prepared alternate equipment in case of an accident. The Confucius Institute also enlisted support from the security department and technical supporting department of the University for the smooth execution of the tests. The vigilators from the Confucius Institute reviewed the relevant content of “Manual for Administering HSK and HSKK” and specified their individual duties.

The scene of HSK 1 test

A candidate focusing on answering test questions

On May 19th , the HSK1/2 and HSKK tests hosted by the Confucius Institute went on smoothly in good order and in strict compliance with the stipulated procedures. Due to their regular-time devotion to the Mandarin learning and meticulous preparation for the tests, the candidates were full of self-assurance and performed well in the tests. After the tests were over, they all expressed their confidence in passing the tests.

By Liu Dongmei