Wang Meng Lectures “China: Tradition and Modernization” at University of Brasilia

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Brasilia in Brazil [Time]    2018-05-31 10:08:02 

On May 23rd, local time, Wang Meng, a famous contemporary Chinese writer and scholar, was invited to give a lecture at the University of Brasilia. The lecture en-titled “China: Tradition and Modernization” was jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Brazil, the Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center and the Uni-versity of Brasilia. Enrique Helva, Vice President of the university and Foreign Direc-tor of the Confucius Institute there, Rogerio Lima, President of Comparative Litera-ture Society of the university and Dean of the Department of Literature, Li Jinzhang, Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, and nearly 100 students and teachers from the Confu-cius Institute, local oversea Chinese and local Chinese culture lovers attended the lec-ture.

In his lecture, Wang Meng introduced traditional Chinese cultural philosophy, represented by Confucianism, and its historical evolution, influence and significance. He highlighted the features of Chinese culture, including its continuity, diversity, in-clusiveness and cohesion. He elaborated on China’s successful experience in “mutual learning, openness and inclusiveness” in modern economic globalization and pointed out the development trend of cultural exchange under such circumstances.

Wang Meng

Lecture venue

During the Q&A session, Wang Meng actively interacted with the audience and had a further discussion upon the questions raised.

Wang Meng with the guests

His lecture was very well received. Wang Meng’s profound knowledge and witty humor won prolonged applause from the audience. The lecture not only enhanced the audience’s understanding of traditional Chinese culture and modernization, but also inspired and encouraged students who are learning Chinese at the Confucius Institute.

Story by Sun Haiying