Opening Ceremony of Chinese Culture Month at Confucius Institute Ljubljana

[Source]    Confucius Institute Ljubljana [Time]    2018-05-30 15:18:06 

Tea House (Edikula in Slovene)at Confucius Institute Ljubljana was open with tape-cutting ceremony at 1pm on May 8th, 2018, which unveils the activites in Chinese Culture Month. Present at the event are his exellency Mr. Ye Hao, Chinese Ambassador to Slovenia, Mr. Igor Papič, Rector of University of Ljubljana, Mrs. Metka Tekavčič, Dean of Faculty of Ecnomics, Mrs. Marija Adanja, fomer Slovenian Ambassador to China, Mrs. Danijela Voljč, Foreign Director of Confucius Institute Ljubljana, Mr. Hui Chen, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute Novi Sad in Serbia, Mrs. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš, Foreign Director of Confucius Institute Novi Sad and teachers and students from Faculty of Ecnomics and Confucius Institute Ljubljana. Altogether there are over hundred of guests.

Tape-cutting ceremony (from left to right: Mrs. Metka Tekavčič, Ambassador Ye Hao, Mr. Igor Papič )

Tea house at Confucius Institute Ljubljana

Mrs. Danijela Voljč and Mrs. Metka Tekavčič delivered their speeches at the opening ceremony. They expressed gratitude to all the guests and the board for their strong support to Confucius Institute Ljubljana, explained the reason to invite the guests from Confucius Institute Novi Sad, introduced the differences in the habits of drinking tea between Chinese and Slovenians and Serbians, and advocated everyone to drink more tea for the purpose of illness prevention and healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Metka Tekavčič also pointed out that next year 2019 will witness the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute Ljubljana. From then on, the atrium at Faculty of Ecnomics will be rennovated into Chinese garden with a focus on the tea house.

Lion dance by Chinese Merchants Union Association in Slovenia

Performance by Ljubljana Confucius classroom Trnovo primary school students

Performance by Maribor Confucius classroom high school student Maja Majer

The ceremony was lit up by the lively lion dance by Chinese Merchants Union Association in Slovenia. Primary school students from Ljubljana Confucius classroom vividly performed the moving Chinese song Love me, then hug me. High School student Maja Majer from Maribor Confucius classroom brought the lovely Chinese song The moon represents my heart.

Photography exhibition by Mrs. Marija Adanja

After the performances, guests were invited to enjoy Chinese refreshments and drinks, appreciate the professional tea ceremony by vounteer Chinese teacher Xiaoling Wang and Ms. Srđana Petrović from Confucius Institute Novi Sad, the interesting photography exhibition by Mrs. Marija Adanja, as well as attend the interactive lecture by Mrs. Marija Adanja.


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