Vice Minister of Commerce Gao Yan Inspects Chinese Government-aided Project of Confucius Institute at National University of Laos

[Source]    Confucius Institute at National University of Laos [Time]    2018-05-22 15:09:21 

On May 10th, accompanied by Wang Qihui, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Laos, the delegation led by Gao Yan, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, visited National University of Laos (NUOL) and inspected the Chinese government-aided project of Confucius Institute at NUOL.

During the inspection, Gao Yan and her delegation actively conversed with their Lao counterparts regarding the construction report of the project.

Chinese delegation in discussions with the Lao side

Somsy Gnophanxay, President of NUOL, warmly welcomed Gao Yan and her delegation. According to him, the Confucius Institute at NUOL has cultivated over 25,000 Chinese learning graduates since its establishment, adding to the institute’s reputation. The feat would not have been possible without the joint efforts from the Chinese and Laotian governments, and Chinese Embassy in Laos. He also showed his appreciation to China’s Ministry of Commerce for its aid of the project of Confucius Institute at NUOL.

Gao observing the rendering of the Confucius Institute Project

Gao inspecting the construction site

Gao Yan showed her sincere gratitude to the departments of Laos at all levels for their high attention and assistance to the project. She believes that the Confucius Institute will make more contributions to Laos in the coming year. With the combination of South China’s architectural style and features of Laotian architecture, the project will be a beautiful sight spot in NUOL. Education is of vital and lasting importance, and so is construction. Both of them require time and efforts. Now all indicators of the project are 100% qualified or even excellent. The mid-term inspection in May will supervise the quality of the construction. It’s hoped that the construction units will take the mid-term inspection as an opportunity to ensure high quality and high efficiency so that the project can be put into service as scheduled next year, and make contributions to further promoting the friendship between the people of the two countries.

Group photo

Boualan Siripanya, Deputy Minister of the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports, Kheanthong Sisouvong, Vice-chairman of Laos-China Cooperation Commission, Houngphet Chanthavong, Vice President of NUOL, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission of China and other relevant departments, and both Chinese and foreign directors of the Confucius Institute joined the inspection.