Final of “Happy Chinese” Contest Held in Hanoi, Vietnam

[Source] [Time]    2018-05-15 18:58:40 

Vietnamese college students dancing to Xinjiang dance “Why Are the Flowers So Red”

On May 8th, the final of the 12th “Happy Chinese” Contest was held at the hall of Hanoi University by the Confucius Institute at Hanoi University and the Chinese Studies Department of Hanoi University. The contest included Chinese speech, talent show, and debate. After 4 hours of fierce competition among Vietnamese college students, the “Lion’s Dream” and the “Youth” won the first and special prizes respectively over 10 other groups.

A total of 12 groups competed in the contest, and some of them even gave their groups unique names such as “Queendom” and “Drizzle-Dazzle”. All of the contestants were freshmen and sophomores, being at the pivotal point of learning the basic knowledge of Chinese. Qin Xiaohe, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Hanoi University, said that “Happy Chinese” contest provides a stage for Vietnamese college students to show their Chinese proficiency and talent. Through such activities, students will be more confident in improving their Chinese proficiency and learn more about Chinese culture.

Peng Shituan, Minister Counselor of Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, expressed that language is the initial means and bridge for China-Vietnam communication. Therefore, learning Chinese is a means to build the bridge for the communication between the two countries.

Many contestants, in their speeches, shared their stories of making acquaintance with Chinese language at the introduction of Chinese TV dramas and movies, Chinese celebrities, and traveling experiences. They also expressed that mastering Chinese language is a ladder to their dreams.

Wu Jinying, despite being a sophomore, has been learning Chinese for five years. She and her two friends, though very quiet, named their group “Lion’s Dream”. Wu said that she is really interested in Chinese, and she dreams to study in China to further her studies one day. “Many people ask me why I like the lion. The reason is that, in my view, the lion represents power and courage. Today, my friends and I are standing on the stage to challenge ourselves as lions, and to step closer to our dreams.”

“Dream is a high and steep mountain. Only those who are determined and hard-working can set foot on the peak and overlook the splendid scenery. If you have a dream, just go for it! Or how can you admire the moon as you just count the sixpence on the ground?” said Vietnamese college students.

(Story and photos by Liu Gang,, Hanoi, May 9th)