Amman TAG Confucius Institute Attends Jordan International City Festival

[Source]    Amman TAG Confucius Institute of Jordan [Time]    2018-05-15 09:53:34 

On April 28th, the International City Festival was held in the Zaha Cultural Center in Jordan, and Princess Sana Asem of Jordan attended the event. Representative agencies from more than 20 countries and regions, including Jordan, China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Lebanon, Romania, and Egypt, displayed their culture in various forms such as exhibitions, music, dance, painting, and cuisine, which attracted nearly a thousand local people to visit and experience the event. The Amman TAG Confucius Institute and the Chinese Embassy in Jordan on behalf of China participated in this event.

China’s exhibition area is the largest one of all the exhibition areas. The strong “Chinese style” in the exhibition area is refreshing. The bright five-star red flag, bright red lanterns, colorful balloons, auspicious Chinese knots and paper cutting character “fu”, unique pendants and other decorations attracted many viewers to stop to watch.

Chinese exhibition area

The Amman TAG Confucius Institute carefully prepared a number of cultural experience projects, including Chinese calligraphy, tea art, traditional costumes, Chinese textbooks and Chinese cultural books and periodicals exhibition, Chinese handicrafts exhibition, handmade lanterns, picking up beans with chopsticks and so on. The Chinese Embassy in Jordan specifically provided Chinese food such as spring rolls and dumplings. The crowds in front of the Chinese exhibition booths were surging and bustling.

Teachers writing Chinese names

Chinese textbooks and Chinese cultural books and periodicals exhibition

Teachers teaching children to make handmade lanterns

Guests experiencing picking up beans with chopsticks

Guests tasting Chinese food

Princess Sana Asem and her delegation visited the Chinese exhibition area. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, introduced the Chinese culture and Chinese teaching to the princess. Princess Sana Asem praised the charming Chinese culture and spoke highly of the development and promotion of Chinese teaching in Jordan. In addition, Princess Sana Asem had cordial exchanges with Chinese teachers and expressed her gratitude to them for their hard work.

Yang Songfang introducing Chinese characteristic bookmarks to Princess Sana Asem

In view of the outstanding contributions made by the Chinese Embassy in Jordan and the Amman TAG Confucius Institute to the promotion of multicultural exchanges, Princess Sana Asem awarded them “Outstanding Contribution Award” at the award ceremony.