AKII’s Involvement in the First Regional “Long Night of Enterprise and Science”

[Source]    Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt [Time]    2018-05-03 17:33:51 

On April 20th , Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt (AKII) was delighted to be involved in the “Long Night of Enterprise and Science”, which was officially launched by signing a letter of intent by Lord Mayor Dr. Ing. Christian Lösel and Audi HR Director Wendelin Göbel in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Ing. Markus Söder. This exciting event took place in Ingolstadt and its two neighboring towns—Kösching and Großmehring. Twenty companies and educational institutions opened their doors to the citizens with the opportunity of discovering the readiness and innovative power of the region.

AKII Microlab was one of the particularly popular places with the visitors, who tried spatial drawing, car repair and working with robots in virtual reality. The Microlab was initiated in October 2017 and combined into THI’s Virtual Reality Lab, is led by Dr. Cristian Axenie. The team are from expertise areas of computational neurosciences, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, business intelligence to autonomous embedded systems and robotics. Now AKII Microlab has set up the platform for a strong multidisciplinary ecosystem among universities as well as industrial partners in Germany and China.

Car repair in virtual reality

In THI’s hall of Building A, AKII’s tea ceremony and calligraphy stall attracted a constant inflow of people. They were impressed by the artistic works blended with Chinese calligraphy and water colour painting skills. They also like the jasmine tea in the delicate cups.

Dr. Markus Söder, Prime Minister of Bavaria, came to AKII’s stall accompanied by the Mayor of Ingolstadt and the University’s president. He shook hands with each of the team and took a group photo with them.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria comes to AKII's stall

Together with AKII, the other organizations rounded off the long night (17:00 to 24:00) with keynote lectures, exhibitions, performances, live driving test and Q & A activities.