Job Fair Held by Confucius Institute Kindles Sierra Leoneans’ Enthusiasm

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Sierra Leone [Time]    2018-05-03 13:13:53 

On April 21st, local time, the First Companies Exhibition and Job Fair in Sierra Leone was held at Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone. Attendees at the opening ceremony included Prof. Thompson, Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Gbamanja, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor of Fourah Bay College, Wu Peng, China’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone, and Zhang Xueqian, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy.

The job fair aimed at building a platform for companies and job-seekers, thus promoting employment for college graduates in Sierra Leone and others, as well as satisfying the demand for talents from both Chinese and foreign companies in the country. It also provided an opportunity for companies to promote themselves and served as a positive practice of the Confucius Institute to serve for the local people.

The job fair

The fair attracted job-seekers from different parts of Sierra Leone, taking on a bustling scene in the Amphitheater. The number of companies, job vacancies and applicants in this year’s job fair reached a record high. More than 50 Chinese and foreign companies, including China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd, Power Construction Corporation of China and Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Limited attended the fair, providing over 3,500 job opportunities in various fields, such as construction engineering, marketing and medical services. More than 3,000 graduates from the University of Sierra Leone and other job-seekers actively inquired about the companies’ basic information and job requirements during the fair. And the hiring managers answered their questions with patience and conducted interviews with them.

A bustling scene at the job fair

Chinese companies conducting interviews

Foreign companies conducting interviews

Cheng Xiaoying, Manager of China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation, expressed, “The Confucius Institute has provided a platform for face-to-face communication between companies and job-seekers. And we have recruited qualified talents and showcased our corporate image through this platform.”

Peter, a student from the Confucius Institute, expressed that this fair helped many job-awaiting youths to realize their career dreams. Meanwhile, Chinese language proficiency was a great advantage for people when applying for Chinese companies, which will encourage more people to learn Chinese at the Confucius Institute.

Mainstream media including SLBC, AYV, Standard Times and Awoko have covered on this event.

Story by Wu Zhenxiong