Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University Interviewed by Real World, Real Talk Radio

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University in the US [Time]    2018-05-03 12:22:36 

On April 18th, local time, the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University(TSU) was interviewed by Real World, Real Talk Radio, a local radio program in Houston, the US. Roger Hart, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute, Yi Xiao, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Chinese teachers, volunteers, Chinese learners, and others participated in the interview.

Scene of the interview

Real World, Real Talk Radio is a talk radio program with great influence among the African American community in Houston. The program is broadcast on KTSU 90.9FM radio station from 6pm to 7 pm every Sunday. The talks revolve around local, domestic and international news or events, and the topics cover a variety of fields such as health, education, politics, etc.

D. Z. Cofield, the program’s host, is CEO of Hope Educational District. With his support, Chinese immersion kindergarten and Chinese immersion middle and primary school were established. He also personally recruited local teachers and encouraged the schools and teachers to carry out extensive cooperation with the Confucius Institute. With his leadership, the two schools of Hope Educational District have gained prosperous development and the students have won a myriad of prizes in Chinese competitions.

The interview lasted for an entire hour and went very smoothly. During the interview, Cofield asked about the latest progress of the Chinese program of the Confucius Institute at TSU. He also asked about the situation of local Chinese teaching in Houston and the conception and teaching plans for the 2018 Chinese Summer Camp co-organized by the Confucius Institute and Barbara Jordan International Preschool.

In the interview, Roger Hart introduced the history of the Confucius Institute at TSU and its Chinese program. The Confucius Institute at TSU is the sole of its kind in the downtown area of Houston. Currently, it provides Chinese students at Texas Southern University with Chinese credit courses and China Studies minor courses. Roger Hart pointed out that these courses will help students to be more competitive in their future development path. He also took “A Trip to China” Summer Camp organized by the Confucius Institute as an example to point out that students have broadened their horizons through these activities. Regarding the relationship between learning a language and understanding the culture, Hart stated that there are many ways to understand and experience culture, but learning a language can contribute to a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it.

Roger Hart being interviewed

In the interview, Miesen, a Chinese learner, introduced the story of his connection with Mandarin. At present, he minors in Chinese history and hopes to learn Kung Fu in China in the future.

Miesen being interviewed

Afterwards, two Chinese learners from the teaching site of the Confucius Institute showed a daily talk in Chinese.

Two Chinese language students talking in Chinese

Cofield praised the two students for their fluency in Chinese and expressed great expectations for their future.

Yi Xiao expressed that the fluency of the two Chinese learners is owed to their own efforts and the Chinese teachers’ efforts as well as their parents’ support.

Yi Xiao speaking

Zhang Ling, a Chinese teacher at the Rhodes School of Living Word (a cooperative teaching site of the Confucius Institute), introduced the related situation of Chinese teaching. In teaching, she not only puts emphasis on listening and speaking, but also emphasizes reading and writing skills. In addition, Zhang introduced the 2018 Chinese Summer Camp, including the curriculum arrangement and curriculum features.

Zhang Ling introducing the situation of Chinese teaching

Li Zhuo, a volunteer teacher of the Happy Weekend Chinese Class, said that in the Happy Weekend Chinese Class, as listening, speaking, reading and writing are the teaching goals of the class, all teaching arrangements and contents are closely related to this goal. Although it is challenging for both the teachers and students, the teaching effect is very satisfactory. Meanwhile, Li also shared her own reasons for teaching Chinese in the US. She expressed that apart from professional needs, she hoped to open the door to another world for African American children through Chinese language teaching, a cause with far-reaching significance.

Li Zhuo being interviewed

At the end of the interview, Hart expressed that the Confucius Institute will continue to provide students of TSU with more opportunities to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. At the same time, it will continue to seek opportunities for developing Confucius Classrooms in Houston and primary and secondary schools in the African American communities, so that more and more children can understand the world and different cultures through learning languages.