Novosibirsk Confucius Institute:Finding Chinese Opportunities in Russia——People’s Daily Online, April 20th

Issued on2018-04-28 08:52:20

Recently, People’s Daily Online has cooperated with TV BRICS in producing a cultural TV series of Confucius Institutes in Russia—Cultural Disseminators Along the “Belt and Road”.

The production team visited 7 Russian cities and filmed video footage in 11 Confucius Institutes from Moscow (Confucius Institute at Lomonosov Moscow State University),St. Petersburg (Confucius Institute at St. Petersburg University),Ryazan (Confucius Institute at Ryazan State University for S. A. Yesenin),Kazan (The Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies of Kazan Federal University), New Siberia (Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State University of Technology), Irkutsk (International Economic Languages Institute at Irkutsk State University),and Volgograd (Voronezh State Normal University and Confucius Institute at Voronezh State Normal University). Through their lenses we gain a clear picture of how Chinese culture spreads in Russia.

The second episode: Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State Polytechnic University.