Master Benru Gives a Lecture about Meditation of Buddhism in Confucius Institute of Artois University

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois University [Time]    2018-04-28 11:16:13 

On February 7th, 2018, invited by Confucius Institute of Artois University, the abbot of Jingye Temple on Zhongnan Mountain Master Benru held the speech and demonstration about the meditation of Buddhism in classroom N21 of Artois University at 16:30. This cultural activity lasted for one and a half hour, twenty-three participants joined it.

Master Benru divided the lecture into two major parts, which are theoretical explanation and practical demonstration. First of all, the master pointed out the three principles of meditation, including the heart of compassion, the mind of equality, and the guidance of Prajna. Secondly, he explained the four impressive and dignified manners of Buddhism, buddhists are supposed to be walking as wind, standing as a pine, lying as a bow and sitting as a bell. Thirdly, Master Benru introduced the specific methods of meditation from the following aspects, which are adjusting body, adjusting respiration, adjusting heart, adjusting diet and adjusting sleep. At last, he demonstrated how to meditate and invited some participants to experience it with him. In addition, the language Master Benru used was Chinese, translated into French by Professor Jin Siyan, the dean of Confucius Institute of Artois University.

Lecture about the Meditation of Buddhism

Translation in French

Audience Experiencing

This cultural event has been successfully completed, the enthusiastic interpretation and demonstration of Master Benru benefited the participants greatly, which broadens and enrichs the scope and content of Chinese cultural communication of Confucius Institute of Artois University.

(Edition/ XU Meng, Photo/XU Meng)


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