Confucius Institutes in Moscow: Special Course Builds a Bridge for China-Russia Communication—April 20th,

Issued on2018-04-26 10:02:17

Recently, and TV BRICS together planned and produced a series of cultural video series called “Confucius Institutes in Russia—Cultural Disseminators Along ‘The Belt and Road’”.

The program group visited seven cities in Russia and filmed eleven Confucius Institutes in these cities, including Moscow (Confucius Institute at Lomonosov Moscow State University), St. Petersburg (Confucius Institute in the China Center in St. Petersburg), Ryazan (Confucius Institute at Ryazan State University), Kazan (School of Oriental Studies of Kazan University), Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk State Technical University), Irkutsk (International Institute of Economics and Linguistics of Irkutsk State University) and Volgograd (Voronezh State University and Confucius Institute at Voronezh State University). Through their lenses we gain a clear picture of how Chinese culture spreads in Russia.

Episode one: Confucius Institute at Lomonosov Moscow State University