Flower of China-US Friendship Blossoms in Vernal Sceneries and The Stories of Verdancy
——Students from Wesleyan College Confucius Institute Put on Performances to Cheer for the Macon National Fashion Festival

[Source]    Wesleyan College Confucius Institute [Time]    2018-04-26 16:11:00 

On April 14th, local time, Wesleyan College Confucius Institute in America celebrated its fifth annual award party of the National Fashion Festival in a row, forging profound friendship with the organizer, the Macon National Promotion Committee.

It’s known that the 2018 Award Party of National Fashion is a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the festival. As an influential cultural event in Macon, the Award Party of National Fashion aims to display the cultural traits of different races and nations to enhance understanding and friendships among all nations.

At the evening party, Wang Fengxia, new Chinese Director of the Wesleyan College Confucius Institute led a group of 20 people consisting of members of the dancing team, student performers and other staff to put on performances of rich Chinese characteristics for the National Fashion Festival. Nearby Churches, choruses from senior high schools and local string bands also brought to the audience wonderful shows.

The string quartet of “Allegro Capriccio”

Chorus from Central High School of Macon singing multiple songs

The Chinese culture show kicked off amid the solemn Chinese national anthem. Betty Willis Slater, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Fashion Festival fully recognized the strong support by the Wesleyan College Confucius Institute to the activity in the past five years.

Betty Willis Slater introducing Wang Fengxia

Later, Wang Fengxia and the state-sponsored Chinese teachers introduced the Chinese nations, values, dietary cultures and tea cultures to the guests.

Dance of “Pink Powder”

Guzheng solo of Stories of “Verdancy”

Dance of “Vernal Sceneries”

Performers from Wesleyan College Confucius Institute

The excellent performances brought by the Wesleyan College Confucius Institute won warm applause from the audience. Against the light and shadow, pretty ladies staged “Pink Powder” with their flying long sleeves, sometimes looking around bashfully and sometimes dancing passionately. The audience held their breath to the sound of spring rain revealed in the guzheng solo of “Stories of Verdancy”. While in the dance of “Vernal Sceneries”, ladies in green costumes held pink oil-paper umbrellas and whirled about sprightly, taking on such a gorgeous picture that brought the whole show to a successful close.

Story by Bao Jiali


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