A Chinese Culture Trip to Collège Saint Paul de Lille

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois University [Time]    2018-04-26 15:08:33 

On Feburary 16th, 2018, the Confucius Institute of Artois University was invited to Collège Saint Paul de Lille to take part in a Chinese cultural activity. Chinese teacher Chen Yunyun, Chen Jinqiu and volunteer Chinese teacher Lin Jiaju attended the event. Filled with the atmosphere of festival, the scene of activity was covered with couplets and a variety of Chinese paper-cuts, as well as red lanterns and Chinese knots. As the teacher Feng , a Chinese teacher of the college, said, Since this year is China’s dog year, the students were encouraged to draw different kinds of paintings of dogs which were exhibited at the scene of the event.

On one hand, Chinese teacher Chen Yunyun and Chen Jinqiu arranged courses of paper cutting for students, they carefully prepared various of paper-cut patterns and led students to finish their paper-cuts, the two shapes of which are Chinese character‘spring’and pine tree. Meanwhile, the students could learn Chinese characters during the pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, other student played Taichi with teacher Lin Jiaju, some of them even dressed the Kungfu T-shirt which they had signed their Chinese name on it in advance, they indulged in a cheerful atmosphere and showed great interest in Chinese culture.

Paper-cuts Teaching

Paper-cuts Showing

Tai Chi Showing

Tai Chi Teaching

Covering four classes and teaching in two rounds, the teaching activity which lasted one hour and a half is mainly aimed at middle school students, the number of the students is about 120. Time flied, but the activity left a deep impression on the students. At the end of teaching, some students asked the teacher if there would be such another event next time.

(Edition/LIN Jiaju, photo/FENG Jing)