CI at SF State Successfully Holds 2018 Spring Chinese Teaching Workshop

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,CA,USA [Time]    2018-04-18 16:57:16 

The Confucius Institute at SF State successfully hosted 2018 Spring Workshop on Chinese Teaching for local Chinese language teachers on Sunday, April 8, featuring Chinese classroom activities, teaching skills, resources for teaching in the morning session and presentations on Singing and Chinese Teaching in the afternoon. The specially designed presentations and lectures focused on what to teach and how to teach, attracting over 60 participants.

Prof. Wang introducing examples in designing classroom activities

In the morning session, Prof. Xueting Wang from Chinese Department at Monterey Language Institute gave a lecture on students’ participation, motivation and autonomous learning in classroom activities based on her experience and expertise. Prof. Wang introduced her way of designing the activities according the goals and objectives set for the course, meeting learners’ needs in enhancing language efficiency. Through on-site experience of guessing riddles, green grammar and other activities, the participants of the workshop got the idea that it is easy to design an activity, but it is hard to go through every single steps and enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency.

Prof. Zhang leading participants to experience Chinese teaching in music

In the afternoon session, Prof. Hong Zhang from Binghamton University, showed real teaching examples to demo teaching attitude, pronunciation and singing performance under the topic of Singing and Teaching Chinese, sharing her teaching experiences in training American students at all levels of education on campus and in her lecture tour across the nation. Prof. Zhang led all participating teachers and educators to get teaching technics while experiencing real teaching activities.

Teaching Chinese while singing and performing!


The workshop was well-organized and most welcome by trainees. Offering high quality teacher training has been part of Confucius Institute’s major contributions to serve local school in Northern California. Teacher training programs including workshops in spring and fall and Summer Institute offer opportunities for Chinese teachers in San Francisco Bay Area and the entire Northern California to improve teaching quality and create more teaching activities. CI at SF State has always been center for Chinese training and will continuously support local schools in communities with researches for Chinese language teaching and learning.


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