Popular “Chinese Bridge” and One Warm Family
Regional Preliminary Round of 17th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Ends in Antananarivo, Madagascar

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University, Madagascar [Time]    2018-04-07 14:32:07 

Recently, themed “One World, One Family”, the Preliminary Round of the 17th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Antananarivo, Madagascar was held at the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University. Seventy-six contestants from the capital of Madagascar participated in this competition, hitting a new record high in the number of participants.

This preliminary contest consisted of a written test, a speech and a talent show. The final result of the contest was to be determined by the total scores of the three parts.

The written test, which covers many fields, was to test competitors’ general knowledge about Chinese culture. The contestant Zheng Yang (Chinese name) won the first place in the written test with astonishing Chinese proficiency and knowledge of Chinese culture.

Written test room

The speech session consisted of two parts: themed speech and impromptu speech. In the first part, each contestant gave a speech according to their own interpretation of the theme “One World, One Family”. Some of them elaborated on the theme from the fact that different countries shared the same global village, stressing the importance of harmonious co-existence of different cultures; some depicted the harmonious relationship between Madagascar and China, focusing on the deep friendship between people in the two countries; some interpreted the topic from the perspective of cultural exchanges, telling stories about how teachers and students at the Confucius Institute were united as one family via the Chinese language. These speeches, impressively delivered, were well matched with the theme and warmed up the atmosphere. Topics for impromptu speeches were chosen by drawing lots. This part aimed at testing students’ quick response and their ability of organizing words and expressing themselves in fluent Chinese.

A contestant making a speech

In the talent show session, contestants performed Tai Chi, Chinese dances, Beijing Opera and so on, displaying the fruitful results of cultural teaching at the Confucius institute,winning waves of applause from the audience. They also gave wonderful language proficiency shows such as short plays, story-telling and poem-recitation. In the end, the contestant Liu Xingdong (Chinese name) won the first place with his performance in Kunqu Opera Fleeing Down the Mountain.

A contestant performing clapper talk

A contestant performing Kunqu opera

A contestant performing Xinjiang dance

Award winners

After four hours of intense competition, twelve contestants won the qualification to participate in the final, where they will face more challenges from other competitors on the Madagascar Island.

Story by Li Pingping