2018 Uganda Local Chinese Teachers’ Training Program Opens in Luyanzi Middle School

[Source]    Makerere University Confucius Institute of Uganda [Time]    2018-04-05 08:34:24 

On March 24th, local time, the local Chinese teachers’ intensive training program, jointly organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and the National Curriculum Development Centre of the Ministry of Education of Uganda, was officially launched. The program will last for nine months and will have the attendance of about 100 teacher representatives coming from various middle schools.

On March 25th, all project officials, Chinese teachers, and all students held a meeting in Luyanzi College. Phillip, Head and other officials of the National Curriculum Development Centre attended the meeting and delivered speeches, expressing the hope that teachers would have a good grasp of Chinese language and promote Chinese language and Chinese culture in the local middle schools.

The meeting scene

Hone Yonghong, Chinese Director of Makerere University Confucius Institute, hosted the meeting and introduced the background, training methods and objectives of the training program, and said the program will be divided into three stages and conducted in a closed medium and long term centralized training mode for nine months.

Oswald Ndoleriire, Foreign Director of Makerere University Confucius Institute, welcomed all students and invited them to make self-introductions one by one.

Philip introduced the promotional role of the National Curriculum Development Centre of Ministry of Education of Uganda, and said that the students not only shoulder the expectation of the future Chinese teaching work in their respective schools, but also the mission of the Ugandan government in training local Chinese teachers. He hoped that all students would strictly observe training rules and regulations during their study, strive to learn Chinese and boost their awareness of Chinese culture.

Phillip delivering a speech

Wang Lihong, Headmaster of Luyanzi College, introduced the logistics support for the training and presented the code of conduct for learning and life during the training time.

Li Miao, a teacher representative, briefed everyone about the syllabus and weekly plans and time arrangement of the training.

Group photo

Sooma, Director of Luyanzi College, and three teachers from Makerere University Confucius Institute, Gao Yahui, Luo Yiliang and Qian Mingmin, also attended the meeting.

The medium and long-term Chinese teacher training program was conducted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in collaboration with the ministry of education of an African country for the first time. It will help in training more Chinese teachers for local African countries, fitting Chinese into the local national education system, and offering indigenous students with more opportunities to learn Chinese.

Story by Qian Mingmin; Photos by Liu Kangkang