Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attends The UK Regional Final of the 17th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

[Source]    Chinese Embassy in the UK [Time]    2018-04-02 10:20:29 

Ambassador Liu and contestants of the final

On March 24th, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming attended the UK Regional Final of the 17th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students at Queen Elizabeth II Centre,London. More than 600 people witnessed the competition, including David Stringer-Lamarre, Chairman of IoD City, leaders of the British Council, directors of over ten Confucius Institutes in the UK, representatives of Chinese and British enterprises, teachers and students of the participating schools.

Ambassador Liu delivering a speech

At the opening ceremony, Ambassador Liu delivered a speech entitled One World, One Family: Building A Bridge of Friendship and Cooperation. He expressed that the idea of “One World, One Family” has a long history in Chinese culture. “One World, One Family”, as the theme of this year’s “Chinese Bridge” competition, echoes the Chinese traditional value of harmony and peace, lights up the way toward win-win cooperation as China and UK pursue their respective dreams and also embodies the common wishes of all countries for a world where the beauty of different civilizations is shared and equally appreciated. Ambassador Liu affirmed the positive role of the Confucius Institutes in UK in promoting China-UK cultural exchanges. He hoped that with the belief at heart, the “Chinese Bridge” competition would build a bridge of cultural exchanges, spiritual communication and friendly cooperation. He also encouraged the young contestants to become friendship envoys to promote the connection between people in China and the UK.

Chairman Lamarre said in his speech that as the role of China in the world economy continues to strengthen, there is a growing demand for Chinese language in the business spectrum. The chairman himself is a student and beneficiary of the Confucius Institute. He hoped that more UK youths would learn Chinese language and culture to have a deeper understanding of a developing and progressing China. The IoD which he serves will also continue to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, paving the way for deepening the “Golden Era” of UK-China relations.

Chairman Lamarre delivering a speech

After the opening ceremony, eleven contestants from nine British universities entered the final round to compete on the same stage after several rounds of selection. They demonstrated their understanding of Chinese language and culture in different sessions, including speeches on selected topics, Q&A, talent shows and impromptu Q&A. In the end, Gareth David Erskine and Samuel Peter Robbins from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, were respectively awarded the Grand Prize and the First Prize.

The "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students has been established for 17 years. It has become a well-known brand for international people-to-people and cultural exchanges and an important platform for foreign young students to learn Chinese and understand China. In recent years, there has been increased demand for the opening of Chinese language courses within UK schools. At present, there are 29 Confucius Institutes and 156 Confucius Classrooms in the UK, and contestants of the UK Regional “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition have also become ever more diverse. During the competition this year, an on-site job fair was organized by Chinese-funded enterprises in the UK as a new platform for UK students to seek employment opportunities and for the enterprises to recruit talents.

Ambassador Liu accepting a television interview

(Chinese Embassy in the UK)