Out with the Old, in with the New
—Confucius Institute in Edmonton Holds “Sing in Edmonton” Chinese New Year Celebration and Singing and Dancing Gala for Its 10th Anniversary of Establishment

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Edmonton, Canada [Time]    2018-03-05 14:11:00 

On February 18th, local time, the “Sing in Edmonton” Chinese New Year Celebration and Singing and Dancing Gala for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton sponsored by the Institute (CIE) kicked off at Grant MacEwan University.

Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier of Alberta, Michelle Draper, Board Chair of Edmonton Public Schools, Lorne Parker, Executive Director of Infrastructure Edmonton Public Schools, Xiao Jun, Vice Consul of the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver and other guests attended the activities and delivered speeches.

Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta, Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton, Darrell Robertson, Superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools and Lu Xu, Chinese Consul General in Vancouver also sent congratulatory letters to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for its efforts in Chinese language and cultural projects in local schools and communities and wished the gala a great success.

At the gala, on behalf of the Institute, Lorne Parker delivered a welcoming speech and sent Chinese New Year blessings to the guests and audience.

In her speech, Michelle Draper expressed her gratitude to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for its contributions to local Chinese language teaching in the past ten years.

Sarah Hoffman highly praised the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for its important role in promoting Chinese language teaching and cultural diversity in Alberta.

On behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver, Xiao Jun sent New Year blessings to local people from all walks of life and overseas Chinese in Edmonton. He spoke highly of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for its contributions to promoting China-Canada cultural exchanges.

The gala was co-chaired by Nathan Ip, Trustee of Edmonton Public Schools, Karine Chan, a student of CIE associated Confucius Classroom of Ottewell School and Peder Vinge, a teacher of Edmonton Language Center. The gala kicked off amid the chorus of “Love Our China”, which chanted the splendid scenery of China and the unity of all ethnic groups. The unique national costumes and artistic expression styles of various ethnic groups refreshed the audience.

Opening singing and dancing “Splendid China”

The singing and dancing gala lasted for two and a half hours, covering various forms of performance, such as songs, instrumental music, dances and crosstalk. There were not only traditional songs but also modern pop ones. The melodious sound of bamboo instruments, coupled with the gorgeous stage background, was so spellbinding that the audience was immersed in the visual and cultural feast.

“The Melody of Umbrella” performed by students of Ross Sheppard High School

Beijing Opera “Eulogy of Pear Blossom”

Solo Dance “Connecting Dream”

In addition, a video entitled “Review on the Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of Confucius Institute in Edmonton” was shown at the gala to express gratitude to all those who have cared and supported the development of the Confucius Institute. Finally, the gala ended successfully with the chorus of “I Love You, China” by all performers.

Song “Eulogy of Red Plum”

Chorus “I Love You, China”

After the gala, the guests and audience spoke highly of the preparation and organization of the the gala. The Confucius Institute in Edmonton will continue its efforts in promoting the cultural exchanges between China and Canada, as well as the development of cultural diversity in Alberta.