Confucius Institute at UNGE Successfully Holds 2018 Spring Festival and 2nd Anniversary Celebration Gala

[Source]    The Confucius Institute at UNGE [Time]    2018-02-27 18:22:07 

On February 16th, local time, the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE), brightly illuminated and imbued with joys of singing and dancing, witnessed the celebration gala of 2018 Chinese New Year and the second anniversary of UNGE Confucius Institute at the central square of its campus.

More than 400 people got together joyously here to celebrate the Spring Festival, including Diosdado Nguema Obono, Secretary-General of the UNGE, Fermin Mba Mendjími, Deputy Secretary-General of the UNGE, Chen Guoyou, Chinese Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Jing Feng, Education and Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy and other officials of the Ministry of Education of Equatorial Guinea, principals of primary and secondary schools in Malabo, Chinese medical teams in Equatorial Guinea, representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises, teachers and students from the Confucius Institute.

In his speech, Chen Guoyou fully affirmed the Confucius Institute’s contributions to and accomplishments in Chinese teaching and dissemination of Chinese culture. He said that cultural exchanges and cooperation, an important part of China-Equatorial Guinea relations, also act as the bridge and link between the two peoples to exchange feelings, enhance understanding, and deepen friendship. The UNGE Confucius Institute has become an important platform for promoting mutual learning and people-to-people bonds between the two countries.

Chen Guoyou delivering a speech

In his speech, Diosdado spoke highly of the Confucius Institute’s vital role in the promotion of the friendship and cultural exchanges between Equatorial Guinea and China. He stated that Chinese language has become one of the most important languages in the world. Just in the past two years, the Confucius Institute has offered a rich array of courses on Chinese language, culture and martial arts for the teachers and students of the UNGE and organized a wide range of colorful cultural activities and lectures, giving birth to “Chinese craze” and “Chinese cultural craze” in Equatorial Guinea. Being ready to embark on the “express train” of the comprehensive development of the relations between the two countries, the UNGE will cultivate more Chinese language talents for the Equatorial Guinean society to help deepen friendly cooperation between both countries.

The guests watching the performance

The party commenced with the video entitled “The Second Anniversary of Confucius Institute at UNGE” and “2018 New Year Celebration of the Confucius Institute Teachers and Students”. In the cheerful tune of Lunar New Year song “Congratulations and Prosperity”, the teachers and performers extended best wishes for a happy New Year on the stage and threw Confucius Institute mascots and sweets to the guests and audience.

Afterwards, the chorus “Gardenia in Blossom”, performed by the students of the secondary school teaching center of the Confucius Institute, displayed their youthfulness and vitality. Other programs, such as the songs of “Full Moon”, “The Orchid”, “Amani” and “Sofia” as well as the sketch “Legend of the White Snake”, exposed the audience to diverse charms of Chinese and foreign cultures. The martial arts performance “A Vigorous Aspiration in My Mind”, presented by the Confucius Institute’s Kung Fu Club, exhibited the martial arts movements such as Nan Quan (Southern Fist), Double Broadswords, Stick-fighting Techniques and Fighting, which was really an eye-opener.

A Chinese doctor and a local boy singing “Amani”

The sketch “Legend of the White Snake”

The martial arts performance “A Vigorous Aspiration in My Mind”

The costume show “Ancient Chinese Charm”, performed by the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute dressed in Han-style clothes and cheongsam, displayed the elegant dignity of traditional Chinese clothing and the femininity of oriental women, bringing the party to a climax. “Meeting in the Mongolian Tent”, a Chinese Mongolian-style folk dance performed by the Equatorial Guinean youths, won enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Cheongsam show

The dance “Meeting in the Mongolian Tent”

The party, with its colorful and varied programs, fully demonstrated the diversity of Chinese traditional culture as well as the vitality of the Confucius Institute students and unveiled the cohesiveness and capacity of the Confucius Institute. The evening show was broadcast live on a great number of local mainstream media outlets, such as National Television Station of Equatorial Guinea and Asonga TV Station.

Story by Jiang Guixi; photos by Lina


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