Confucius Institute at University of Dakar Holds Large-scale Martial Arts, Song and Dance Gala

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Dakar [Time]    2018-02-23 14:51:43 

On February 3rd, a grandiose gala of martial arts, song and dance performance themed “Happy Chinese New Year” and jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Senegal, the University of Dakar and the Confucius Institute at the University of Dakar, kicked off at the Grand National Theatre of Senegal. Performers from Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater and Kungfu Monk Corps from Shaolin Temple in Henan Province brought a feast of art to more than 1500 teachers and students.

Ibrahima Thioub, President of the University of Dakar, and She Mingyuan, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Senegal marked attendance. In his speech, Thioub highly praised the outcomes of Senegal-China cultural exchanges, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Chinese performers and sent his Spring Festival greetings to the two peoples.

Ibrahima Thioub delivering a speech

The performance started with the song and dance “Great Joy”, which created a happy atmosphere for the audience. Bright Chinese red decorations and cheerful songs conveying the warm wishes of the Spring Festival, made the scene full of festivity.

Martial arts performance “Open the Gate of Mountain”

Shaolin’s unmatched skills

Soon afterwards, the martial arts performance presented by the Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps followed in exceptional fashion, winning thunderous applause from the audience. A succession of martial arts shows including “Shaolin Imitation Boxing”, “Fight at the Gate of Mountain” and “Charisma of Shaolin”, weapon performances and Shaolin’s skills such as “Hand-cutting Bricks”, and “Invulnerability” took turns to dazzle the audience amid cheers and rounds of applause.

Female group dance “ Charm of China”

Female group dance “Swan”

In contrast to Shaolin’s brute-force and male-fantasy plays, the female group appeased with dances including “Beauty”, “Swan” and “Charm of China” presented by Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, fully embodying the flexibility, charm and artistic conception of traditional Chinese dance, which was brimming with strong oriental flavor.

Yu Opera “Lady General Mu Takes Command”

Performers and guests

One a side note, a piece of traditional Yu Opera “Lady General Mu Takes Command” and the song “The Torch in the Torch Festival”, with the exquisite costumes and makeups as well as the unique singing tune of performers, ignited the audience’s enthusiasm as they were all waving the national flags of Senegal and China in high spirits.

Story by Yue Wen; Photos by Du Yingqiu and Song Danyang


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