Confucius Institute in Belgrade Holds Cultural Lecture on Year of the Dog

[Source] [Time]    2018-02-23 14:40:21 

As the Year of the Dog approaches, Professor Radosav Pušić, Director of the Confucius Institute in Belgrade and a sinologist in Serbia, delivered a lecture on the occasion’s cultural background at the Belgrade City Library on the evening of February 8th. As a part of the activity “Happy Spring Festival”, the lecture was co-organized by the Chinese Embassy in Serbia and the Confucius Institute in Belgrade. Nearly 100 people including representatives from the Chinese Embassy, students from the University of Belgrade and the Confucius Institute and local fans of Chinese culture, listened the lecture with great interest.

Director of the Confucius Institute in Belgrade Radosav Pušić explaining the cultural background of the Year of the Dog

Pušić introduced to the audience Chinese people’s understanding and manifestation of the “Dog”, and the characteristics and meanings that it underlies in the Chinese zodiac sign. He added that dogs are true friends to humans and regarded as understanding of our emotions. “Their loyalty embodies unswerving fidelity. As one of the 12 animal signs, dog enjoys intimate relations with humans.” Dog symbolism can be often found in proverbs and works of literature and art. There are many well-turned lines related to the dog in Chinese poetry, such as “I hear the distant baying of the hound amid the waters murmuring around; I see the peach-flowers bearing crystal rain,” by Li Bai; “The clouds floating above are like the pieces of white clothes, but they change into black dogs in a flash,” by Du Fu; “In silent country lanes a stray dog barks; amid the mulberry trees cocks crow with larks,” by Tao Yuanming, etc.

Belgrade’s citizens listening attentively

The entire lecture cast the audience a glance at the rich cultural connotations of the Year of the Dog and reinforced their expectation for the coming of the festival, which symbolize wealth, prevention of calamity, and peace.

(Story by Zhao Hongchao,, China Radio International)


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