Confucius Institute at University of Havana Holds Book Launching Ceremony for Spanish Version of Zhao Lihong’s Poetry Anthology Pains

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Havana, Cuba [Time]    2018-02-19 18:10:57 

On February 2nd local time, Zhao Lihong, a famous Chinese poet, held a book launching ceremony of the Spanish version of his poetry anthology Pains at the Confucius Institute at the University of Havana. As the second venue of Havana International Book Fair, the Confucius Institute held the ceremony to initiate a series of activities for writers. Sun Xintang, Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute Latin America Regional Center, presided over the event. Rolando Lopez, a well-known Cuban poet and his wife were invited to the event. Mr. Lopez was once the Cuban Ambassador to China.

Book Launching Ceremony of the Spanish version of Pains

Zhao recited his poem My Shadow to the audience, followed by the recital of the Spanish version of Scar in Pains by Mr. Lopez’s wife. Rolando spoke highly of Zhao’s poetry for its beauty and delicacy, saying that Zhao was a poet of exquisiteness and elegance and his poems reminded him of the Tang Dynasty, the golden age of Chinese poetry.

Zhao Lihong reciting his poem My Shadow

Rolando also recited one of his poems to the Summer Palace written during his stay in China years ago, which depicted the beautiful sunset at the Summer Palace in Beijing. His poem is brimming with the deep feelings he shared with Chinese people and the authentic attachment to the country and its landscape. Touched by the scene, Zhao wrote down a famous line from a Chinese poem on the cover “A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near” as a special dedication to Mr. Lopez.

Rolando sharing his poems with the audience

Zhao Lihong autographing his books for the audience

Zhao Lihong autographing his book for students

At last, Zhao Lihong autographed his books and delivered them as gifts to teachers and students at the Confucius Institute.

Story by Chen Sisi; Photos by Chen Hongmei