Confucius Institute at University of Sierra Leone Holds 2018 Spring Festival Serial Cultural Experiencing Activities

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Sierra Leone [Time]    2018-02-19 18:25:44 

On February 10th local time, the Confucius Institute at University of Sierra Leone held 2018 Spring Festival Serial Cultural Experiencing Activities in the Taichi Garden of the Confucius Institute. More than 200 people attended the event, including Wu Peng, Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone as well as embassy officials, leaders of the University of Sierra Leone, representatives of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Commercial Chamber and Chinese-funded institutions, friends from all nationalities, and directors, teachers and students at various teaching sites of the Confucius Institute.

Decorated with big red lanterns, upside-down red Chinese character “Fu” and Chinese knots, the Taichi Park was permeated with the euphoria of Chinese Lunar New Year. The guests were deeply attracted by the distinctive and colorful cultural activities at different stalls and .participated in these activities actively. Some were holding Chinese brush and following calligraphy teachers to write Spring Festival Couplets; some were cutting patterns on red paper under the guidance of their handwork teachers; some were enjoying the tea show; some were occupied with lantern riddle-guessing in twos and threes; some were visiting the photo exhibition of the various activities of the Confucius Institute over the past year; some foreign guests were following the Chinese to learn making dumplings and finally show their “foreign dumplings”.

Lantern riddle-guessing

Writing Spring Festival couplets

Traditional Chinese paper cutting

In his speech, Wu Peng thanked the Confucius Institute for providing a platform for Chinese and overseas Chinese in Sierra Leone to join in the celebration of the Spring Festival. He gave full recognition to the achievements of the Confucius Institute in the past five years since its establishment and expressed his utmost support to the construction of teaching buildings of the Confucius Institute.

Wu Peng delivering speech

S. N. Dumbuya, Vice Principal of University of Sierra Leone, praised the Confucius Institute for its outstanding contributions to improving the international level of the university and promoting cultural exchanges between China and Sierra Leone. He hoped that foreign friends will learn about China and help to promote exchanges of ideas and cultural integration by participating in cultural experiencing activities.

In his speech, He Mingqing, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, said that the Confucius Institute would devote itself to the Chinese language teaching and Chinese cultural promotion, actively assimilate into the local community, serve the local people and promote the cultural and people-people exchanges between China and Sierra Leone.

In a cheerful uproar of drums and gongs, two “lions” sprang up to the stage and wished the audience a happy New Year. This performance kicked off the 2018 Spring Festival Celebration and marked the formal foundation of lion dance team of the Confucius Institute. The “lions” approached the audience with the beat of drums and gongs, swaying their heads and tails, sometimes wild and energetic, sometimes cute and amusing, which were very attractive. The heroes of Journey to the West, Tang Monk, Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy also appeared on the stage and extended festival greetings to the audience.

Lion dance

Taichi performance Miracle

Martial arts performance Shaking Heaven and Earth

Then Taichi martial arts performance team led its new members to give a fantastic performance of martial arts, Taichi boxing, Taichi fan and Taichi sword, in which the strength and tenderness were married. The family members of the Confucius Institute performed the Chinese folk dance in traditional Chinese costume. Wang Yong, Director-General of the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone, played Three Variations on the Plum Blossom with guqin. Li Luming, President of Chinese Commercial Chamber, acted an excerpt from Peking Opera Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy. The champion and runner-up of The Voice of Sierra Leone of the Confucius Institute sang Chinese People and At Least I Still Have You. Thank You China sang by the local super star Maria produced applause and cheers from many fans.

Guqin sole Three Variations on the Plum Blossom

Song At Least I Still Have You

Thank You China by Maria

The audience tasted delicious dumplings. After the celebration, four teams by Chinese and foreign guests took tug-of-war.


Li Luming said today’s experiencing activities and art performances showed the typical charm of Chinese culture. He hoped that the Confucius Institute and Chinese Commercial Chamber would make joint efforts to push forward China-Sierra Leone relations.

Mohamed, a student of Confucius Institute at the University of Sierra Leone said, “I’m really happy today, because I took part in many activities and experienced Chinese Lunar New Year, from which I learnt Chinese culture all round. I benefited a lot from it.”

Story by Wu Zhenxiong


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