Confucius Institute of Artois University Holds Chinese Culture Workshop in Lycée Pierre de Coubertin

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois University [Time]    2018-01-31 10:55:38 

On January 20th, 2018, the Confucius Institute of Artois University was invited to Calais to participate in the school Open Day held by the high school Lycée Pierre-Coubertin. Director WU Zhaoyang, Chinese teacher CHEN Jinqiu, volunteer teacher WU Qian and LIN Jiaju demonstrated four different kinds of Chinese Cultural Activities, including Calligraphy, Chinese Dance, Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Tea, in order to attract the students who was going to decide on their second language to learn.


Chinese dance


Taiji teaching

This Chinese Cultural Workshop lasted for 3 hours, with around 100 participants, which gained great popularity. Director WU Zhaoyang used calligraphy forms to write Chinese names for the students and their parents. Chinese teacher CHEN Jinqiu gave a dance show named The Nation of Rites, which presented the elegance of Chinese dance as well as HAN Costume. WU Qian performed Bagua Palm, while LIN Jiaju played Chen-style Tai Chi. LIN also gave a Tea Art performance. And the local Chinese teachers taught Chinese characters and vocabularies to the students and their parents. In addition, the classrooms were decorated with Peking Opera Masks, Chinese Knots, Chinese Paper-cutting and so on. The students were interested in these culture demonstrations, and some of them showed their desire to learn Chinese.

Group photo

This activity certainly has further effects on the Chinese learning as a second language in the North France.

(Edition/ WU Qian Photo/CHEN Jinqiu, WU Qian, XIE Jingjie)