Educators from China observe Kelly Springs Elementary

[Source] [Time]    2018-01-29 09:22:49 

Some elementary school students in Dothan are learning to speak Chinese.

Kobe Reynolds recited a poem to his teachers and classmates he learned in his Chinese class at Kelly Springs Elementary School.

"It’s a poem about a boy who misses his family,” he said.

His teacher, Jasmine Zheng Li, is part of Troy University's Confucius Institute, which is charged with providing Alabamians knowledge of China.

As well as providing educators and students from China with knowledge of American teaching methods and education.

"I learn to think more about the teaching environment, because it’s very different from China,” said Yawei Mu, a student at the institute.

She also teaches Chinese in foreign countries. Mu says it can be difficult to motivate students at times who are learning a second language. But after observing the teachers and students at Kelly Springs, she knows what she has to do to keep her students focused.

"I should learn to be an imaginative teacher! Not just the traditional method."

As for Jasmine, she's learned a thing or two about how to give her students the best education she possibly can. She says manners are taught differently in China than they are in America.

"It’s a great opportunity for me to know the difference, and then we can make analysis and better serve in the future. If I go back to China, I can tell them this is the American education and we have advantages and disadvantages."

The students in the Confucius Institute at Troy will go back to China in two weeks.