Sicily of Italy Builds Chinese Teaching and Learning Network to Promote Chinese Language and Culture

[Source] [Time]    2018-01-22 09:04:16 

According to Nouvelles d’Europe, the Regional School Office in Palermo, the capital of the Sicily Region, Italy and the Confucius Institute at Kore University of Enna jointly kicked off the building of the Chinese Teaching and Learning Network, which will cover many schools in Sicily, ranging from kindergartens to high schools.

In recent years, an increasing number of Italians have come to realize the importance of learning Chinese and many primary and secondary schools have started to offer Chinese courses. Now the Sicily Region is joining the trend.

The Chinese Teaching and Learning Network, jointly launched by Maria Altomonte, Director of Regional School Office and Rector of the Kore University of Enna, will cover 9 provinces in the Sicily Region. By then the number of schools offering Chinese courses in Sicily will account for 20% of the total in Italy.

Schools will offer Chinese courses as well as courses on Chinese culture given the fact that language and culture are interconnected. Chinese and Italian directors of the Confucius Institute at Kore University of Enna and Giorgio Cavadi, Technical Director of the Office of the Ministry of Education in Palermo will be responsible for the arrangement and coordination work of specific courses.

With the launching of the Network, the departments concerned will conduct a large scale teacher training program in order to provide professional teachers for the Network.

(, January 17th)


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