Farewell Ceremony for Outgoing Mandarin Language Assistants 2017 Held Successfully

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington [Time]    2017-12-29 14:57:47 

On 27th November, a farewell ceremony was held by the Confucius Institute of Victoria University at Wellington (CI VUW) for the outgoing 2017 Mandarin Language Assistants (MLAs). More than 120 people attended the farewell ceremony, including Qu Guangzhou, Chinese Embassy Chargé d’Affaires and Tony Browne, Chairman of the Confucius Institute of Victoria University.

The farewell party kicked off with the fan dance performed by the students from Wellington East Girls’ College, the Confucius classroom of CI VUW. Qu Guangzhou, on behalf of the Chinese embassy in New Zealand, expressed his sincere thanks to the MLAs for their hard work over the past year. He said that the language teaching and cultural promotion conducted by the MLAs who worked as the "Cultural Ambassadors" are the best ways to promote friendship, understanding and goodwill between the peoples of China and New Zealand. He hopes that all the MLAs can bear in mind the beautiful scenery, kind people and lovely children of New Zealand, bring all the good memories and a new interpretation of the friendship between the China and New Zealand back to China.

the bird view of the party

Qu Guangzhou, Chinese Embassy Chargé d’Affaires delivery speech

Tony Browne, the Chairman of CI VUW, said that the number of MLAs amounts to 58 in 2017 from 3 in 2011, which is the largest group among all the Confucius Institutes in the southern hemisphere, the third in the world. We cannot achieve such a huge success without the all-round support of hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, CI team. The MLAs also completed a year's service with their professional knowledge, professionalism and strong cultural adaptability. The MLAs were based in different schools. Some of the schools have not opened Chinese classes before, and some have a history of teaching Chinese. Some schools are located in remote areas, and some in the capital. Some schools are full of Maori children, while others have international students from all over the world. Different experiences make our MLAs more confident today. He said that when MLAs left New Zealand, their blood was more or less likely to contain New Zealand's genes (DNA), which could be recalled in the future. In the end, He expressed his best wishes to all the MLAs in Chinese “希望你们扬帆起航,驶向更美的远方。(wish all the MLAs set sail, heading for the far more beautiful future.)”

Tony Browne, Chairman of the Confucius Institute of Victoria University delivery speech

All the MLAS were presented with a certificate of appreciation for their diligent efforts sharing their language and culture with students in New Zealand.

group photo of all MLAs and CI staff

At the farewell party, two MLAs-Ju Yiran and Li Tong who have been stayed in New Zealand for two years made a speech on behalf of all the MLAs. They talked about their Chinese teaching experiences and life in New Zealand. Yang Jia, a MLA from Wanganui, performed wonderful martial arts. MLAs from Gisborne and Te Kura Motuhake o Tawhiuau School sang beautiful Maori songs. Three MLAs from Rotorua did the song and dance performance- My new clothes. Finally, the farewell party concluded with all the MLAs singing the MLA Song.