Chinese Club Activity: Indoor Rock Climbing Held at Presbyterian College

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College [Time]    2017-12-20 10:33:29 

In order to promote their friendship and mutual understanding between Chinese and American Students at Presbyterian College, and enrich their cultural diversity, the Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College held an indoor rock climbing event on October 28th, 2017 at The Mountain Goat. Led by Dr. Liu and Professor Pan, the group of participants included both Chinese and PC American students from Chinese Club. This team-building event was special for almost everyone because it was the first time for many of the group members to climb rocks.

rock climbing

There were many different shapes, heights, and difficulty levels of rock climbing walls which made this event an exciting experience. The intrepid climbers had different strategies to overcome it, including those who took a short break before continuing their journey. While some students competed with each other to see who could reach the top first or who climbed the highest, others took their time to climb.

reaching the top

Students and professors cheered each other on. Once a student or a professor reached the top, the cry “Take my picture!” would be heard.

group photo

Everyone had a great time there. Any of them proclaimed a newfound love for rock-climbing and would like to cherish the wonderful memories for years to come.


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