“I Want to Go to CCTV Spring Festival Gala” in the U.S.
—Art Performance Competition at Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University [Time]    2017-12-15 08:41:38 

On December 2nd local time, the 2nd Art Performance Competition, held by the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University, and co-organized by the Chinese American Faculty and Staff Association of Cleveland State University, Westlake Chinese Cultural Association and Great Wall Chinese School, turned out as a success.

The entire competition boasted rich content and diverse styles. Be it dancing or singing, solo or chorus, each program had its own characteristics. A myriad of performances could be appreciated on the stage, such as Cheongsam fashion show, English songs, lion dance, martial arts performance, Indian dance, etc. Performers of all ages showed their own vitality and beauty and interesting performances were staged consecutively. After the amusing Sanjuban (a traditional Chinese talk show) performed by an American high school student, African-American girls presented their understanding and respect for the sentimental and sorrowful “Butterfly Lovers" with touching and melodious viola solo and solo dance. A local student amazed the audience with the solo performance of a medley of Chinese New Year songs.

Beautiful dance performed by Indian girls

The Cheongsam fashion show

The amusing Sanjuban performance

“Butterfly Lovers”

In the singing and dancing segment, Zhou Fang, a teacher of the Confucius Institute, sang Alive in Chinese and Sanskrit, revealing exotic features to their full. The traditional dance performed by the Gaoshan people and adapted by the Chinese School, won rounds of applause with unique creativity and costumes. There were also the Chinese oiled paper umbrella dance and the traditional lion dance, leading the competition to a climax.

Traditional dance performed by the Gaoshan people

Peacock dance

The Chinese oiled paper umbrella dance

In the martial performance segment, some children showed spear and rod performances and all kinds of Chinese boxing along with the music. There were also martial arts shows that blended traditional Chinese stories embodying the lofty ambitions of Mulan, a patriotic and brave woman of ancient times.

Martial arts performance

Taiji boxing show

In the instrument play segment, the plays not only included Chinese traditional instruments such as erhu and guzheng, but also violin and piano from the west. The violin ensemble and the piano and violin concert performed by primary school students won ceaseless applause from the audience. Piano solo operas of “The White-haired Girl" and “Pi Huang", delivered by middle school students and undergraduates, resonated with the audience.

Piano and violin concerto

Guzheng performance

Ellington, a student at the elective class of Cleveland State University sang Chinese song “Quiet” in the competition. "This game is so interesting! Everyone did a good job, and I still want to continue my Chinese learning so that I can sing better in the next year", said Ellington.

The last program was a chorus of Chinese, sung by students of the Chinese class opened by the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University at Cleveland Public Library. After just ten weeks of practicing, students were able to speak out the tongue twisters proficiently. And the lyric of “The entire world is learning Chinese, the language of Confucius is becoming increasingly internationalized” was clear in articulation and full in tune.

Chorus of “Chinese”

The competition attracted more than 100 people to sign up for 68 programs. There were not only universities, middle schools, primary schools and art groups from Cleveland, but also groups from Columbus and Dayton. The prize-winning performers will be invited to perform at the Confucius Institute's Spring Festival Gala.

Story by Ding Xiaocong and Zhang Xuhong; photos by Geng Lu and Zhang Xuhong