Newsletter: Look, Botswanian’s Chinese Talent Show!

[Source] [Time]    2017-12-08 21:27:11 

The lyrical recitation of Meditations on the Red Cliff to the Melody Nian Nu Jiao, the graceful dance Jasmine, and the fabulous routine show of Chinese martial art…On the evening of December 4th, an amusing Chinese talent show was held in the Confucius Institute at the University of Botswana (CIUB). The spectators were greatly entertained by the performances and also deeply impressed by the profound Chinese culture.

That evening, about 40 contestants, including Chinese learners from all walks of life and students from the Department of Chinese Language at the University of Botswana showed their talents at the competition. The audience was so amused by their wonderful performances that they became unaware of the competition. They were deeply intoxicated in the charm of Chinese culture.

Every year the Confucius Institute holds a variety of cultural activities, such as “Chinese Culture Week”, which engages a great number of Chinese enthusiasts to participate, according to Dong Jianping, Chinese Director of CIUB. Since 2015, the Confucius Institute has held three “Chinese Talent Shows” which sees more participants each year and this year marks the 3rd anniversary of the event. The programs are also becoming more diversified gradually.

In this competition, some of the contestants recited the poem Meditations on the Red Cliff to the Melody Nian Nu Jiao; their rhythmic tone perfectly interpreted the nostalgic mood of the poem. The dance Jasmine by two girls with their teachers from the Confucius Institute impressed the audience with their grace. Cheongsam shows with distinctive themes, such as blue and white porcelain, Chinese ink painting, butterflies lingering over flowers, were all marked with unique Chinese characteristics. Chinese classic Huangmei Opera excerpt, Emperor’s Female Son-in-law, was excellent both in singing and emotion.

“They are always looking for a breakthrough. Every year, they will integrate their newly acquired knowledge into this novel art form and bring new surprises, making the talent competition more and more entertaining.” Dong Jianping spoke highly of the contestants’ performances. “This regular cultural event will continue to be held so as to provide a platform for all students who love Chinese culture to show their talents,” she said.

It is understood that some contestants have learned Chinese for more than 4 years, the longest time among them. They have great passion for the Chinese language. Most of them have given themselves distinctive Chinese names: a solo singer called “Li Wu”, which literally means “gift”, and a martial arts performer gave himself gorgeous cool Chinese name “Chen Wangting”.

As additional performers, some teachers from the Confucius Institute played the African drum and sang traditional Batswana songs. These performances displayed the harmony and ease of cultural exchanges and integration,

In the evening, the Confucius Institute issued certificates of completion to 26 students who had finished all 12 courses in four years. Seibeh, a graduate representative, said: “I am so grateful to the Confucius Institute for giving me a chance to learn Chinese. After 4 years of study, I have discovered my own Chinese dream. Now I am working hard to realize it.”

Tang Shenping, Director of Political Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Botswana, as one of the judges of the competition, said that from the students’ talent shows, we can see the local people’s favorable feelings for China. He hopes that this kind of competition can continue to be held regularly and serve as a good platform for improving relations between the two countries.

(Story by Yang Mengxi, Xinhua News Agency, Gaborone, December 4th)