Confucius Institute at University of Wrocław Holds Chinese Martial Arts Seminar

[Source]    CRI Online [Time]    2017-12-08 20:29:38 

A Mizongyi kung fu performer

On December 2nd, local time, the Second Chinese Martial Arts Seminar was held in the University of Wrocław, Poland. Participants discussed the history, status quo, and future of Asian martial arts, especially Chinese martial arts. The president of the university attended and addressed the event.

Talking about martial arts through data

Performing martial arts

The three themes of the seminar were the culture, education and future of martial arts. When discussing the culture of Asian martial arts, Polish experts elaborated on two classic characters, the fighter and the Monkey King, from aspects of diffusion and acceptance, and then expounded on the modern transformations of these two figures. Moreover, specialists also discussed color symbols in the movies directed by Zhang Yimou. Through watching movie clips and reviewing classic kung fu characters in the movies, experts conducted an in-depth research on the martial arts spirit in them.

Modern expression of Monkey King

When it came to the education, an experienced Wing Chun master from the Poland Association of Wing Chun, drawing his own experience, proposed a practical and interesting method of martial arts teaching. Besides, participants also compared the traditional ways of martial arts training with modern ones. The modern ways of training are represented by Yiquan and Yang’s Martial Arts Association who have initiated their unique training methods. As a Yiquan performer was showing the superb Yiquan on site, the audience could not help but to be in awe.

An expert talking about martial arts

Additionally, participants fully reflected on the difficulties and challenges that martial arts are faced with. After affirming the positive roles of traditional martial arts and weapons in current times, experts came up with a new path for further development, which is giving play to martial arts in police intervention, the military combat system and non-contact combats.

The seminar enjoyed a heated atmosphere and all the participants hoped to inherit and develop martial arts culture through mutual learning.

(Story by Tang Li, CRI Online, China Radio International)


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