Traditional Chinese Culture Becomes a Highlight in Romania’s Asian Festival

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Bucharest, Romania [Time]    2017-12-04 16:52:09 

Romania’s fifth Asian Cultural Festival began on November 24th local time. This year, China became the guest of honor for the first time, with its art performance and interactive activities leaving a deep impression on the local people.

Attendees at the opening ceremony included Yan Jianwu, Cultural Affairs Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Romania, Luminita Balan and Dong Jingbo, Foreign Director and Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Bucharest, and Sun Lu, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL).

At the opening ceremony, the CUPL art troupe gave a magnificent art performance to the audience. With the melody of guqin, the performers appeared with light steps and gave an elegant and beautiful “Cai Wei” dance. Their soft and graceful postures enabled the local people to fully enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese dance. The classic Beijing Opera “Yezhulin” won profuse praise from the audience. The Chinese music “Jasmine” played by folk instruments was melodious, vividly showing the scene when jasmine blooms and spreads its fragrance.

Beijing Opera “Yezhulin”

And the dance performance of ethnic groups won warm applause from the audiences in particular. Each dance had its own style: dance of Korean ethnic group made a good balance of the dynamic and static, as well as softness and hardness; Tibetan dance was characterized in forceful actions and changeable gestures; the dance of Yi ethnic group presented bright dancing dress and lively performance; and the dance of Dai ethnic group was light and beautiful.

Audience learning dance “Spicy Girl”

During the interactive session, some viewers went on the stage to dance with the actors and experienced the hot style of folk song and dance “Spicy Girl” in China’s Hunan Provice. Then the atmosphere was promoted to a climax by a series of performances such as Uyghur song and dance “The Girl from Dabancheng”, Beijing Opera “Wujiapo”, the dance of Dunhuang “Yushu Zhilan” and Huangmei opera “Goddess Marriage”. The art performance came to an end with the Chinese folk music ensemble “Expeditions”.

Dance performance of Dai ethnic group

The Confucius Institute at the University of Bucharest opened a Chinese culture exhibition area during the festival. A lot of people were attracted by the various kinds of decorations and calligraphy displays, and showed strong curiosity for Chinese calligraphy.

Exhibition booth for Chinese culture

The local people have shown increasing love for the annual festival, during which not only can they enjoy splendid art performance and traditional culture exhibitions, but also taste delicacies from over ten Asian countries such as China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, India, Vietnam and Turkey.

Story by Liu Wencui