China in the Eyes of a Foreign Journalist: Let More Know the Real China

[Source]    People’s Daily [Time]    2017-12-01 08:47:27 

The Confucius Institute at Kyiv National Linguistic University (KNLU) of Ukraine held a special lecture recently. Andrii Buzarov, the associate managing editor of Ukraine’s The Economist shared his views on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with students after he finished his interview at the congress.

“The 19th CPC National Congress is the most important political event in China, which also has drawn great attention from the world media. Over 3000 journalists worldwide gathered in Beijing to report on the grand congress to the world,” said 33-year-old Mr. Buzarov, who is an active journalist. He also added: “I have visited China twice within a month, and witnessed the grandness of the 19th CPC National Congress. The experience will definitely help me better understand the importance of the congress as well as its profound influence on China and the world.”

From the Belt and Road Initiative, and the idea of “building a community of shared future for mankind”, to the new opportunities brought by China in the new era, and the new expectation of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Ukraine; from his own experience about China and sweet memories with Chinese friends, and what he perceived from China’s politics, economy, culture, and cuisine, Buzarov could not help concealing his excitement but kept talking about the 19th CPC National Congress and China from his perspective during the one-and-a-half hour lecture.

All seats were occupied in the multi-function hall of the Confucius Institute, and the aisle was also packed with the audience. Everyone listened to him attentively, and gave him warm applause, or asked questions. Yulia, a junior student from KNLU, said in Chinese: “As a Ukraine journalist, Buzarov was fortunate enough to interview at the 19th National Congress of CPC, and told us a lot about the latest updates in China. I am proud of him!” Many listeners also left messages to Buzarov via social media congratulating him on his wonderful lecture. A student named Daniel said: “Your speech encouraged me a lot and made me even more determined to learn Chinese!”

During the congress, Buzarov published more than 10 articles on newspapers and online outlets in Ukraine, and also joined TV and online programs for more than 10 times. He thoroughly covered the congress to Ukrainians in multiple ways. Published by the Russian News Agency, in the article titled Neglecting China in the 21st Century is a Mistake, Buzarov said that Ukraine could learn from China of some useful experience to seek consensus on the most complicated issues in society.

Buzarov went to talk shows about China for more than twenty times within two weeks right after he returned to Ukraine. He called for closer cooperation between Ukraine and China, and pointed out that, to initiate a dialogue with China, people must be familiar with the current events and trends there. Everyone is paying attention to the 19th CPC National Congress because they all want to understand China’s unique path, system, theory, and culture. Without a clear understanding of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is impossible to predict China’s move on the international and domestic stages and to find out how to conduct dialogues with the country. Buzarov summed up three secrets to China’s success: the social stability in long term, the solidarity of the nation; and the hard-working people. Buzarov’s view was well accepted by many of his friends.

“I want more and more Ukrainians to know about China,” Buzarov said. This September, he was invited to attend the “Media Cooperation Forum on ‘Belt and Road’” sponsored by People’s Daily and this was his first trip to China. He said that this visit completely overturned his previous views about China. “I used to think that China was still in the era of ‘Bicycle Kingdom’. However, I have found that China’s economic and technological development is beyond imagination. Chinese rarely use cash now, and mobile payment has become quite popular.”

The visit has stimulated Buzarov’s strong interest in China. “How could it be possible to study China without knowing Chinese?” Buzarov then enrolled in a Chinese course at the Confucius Institute at KNLU, and kept learning Chinese twice a week. He is so gifted in languages that he has mastered hundreds of Chinese words quickly. He has also installed two Chinese learning apps in order to learn Chinese on the go. During the three-hour interview, he spent two hours asking questions about Chinese.

Buzarov expressed: “I think not only sinologists should study China, but also people from all walks of life need to understand and know China and. China does not need excessive praises, but comprehensive understanding and coverage on China are welcomed. I will try my best to let more Ukrainians see what the real China is.”

Story by Tan Wujun, People’s Daily, Page 3, November 26th, 2017)