2nd “Silk Road Cup” Chinese Culture Contest of Universities in Northeast Thailand Held Successfully

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Mahasarakham University, Thailand [Time]    2017-11-27 17:35:56 

On November 11th, sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Khon Kaen, the Confucius Institute at Mahasarakham University and the Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University, the Second “Silk Road Cup” Chinese Culture Contest of Universities in Northeast Thailand was held in Mahasarakham University. This event was themed “Silk Road Links Thailand with China, China and Thailand are a family”, with participants from 15 universities, including Mahasarakham University, Khon Kaen University and National University of Laos.

Guests cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony

More than 500 people including Wanloh, Deputy Mayor of Mahasarakham, Sampan Rittidech, Principal of Mahasarakham University, Li Xiuhua, Acting Chinese Consul General in Khon Kaen, Zhou Gaoyu, First Secretary of Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, directors of some Confucius Institutes in Thailand, as well as teachers and students from universities in Northeast Thailand attended the opening ceremony.

The competition consisted of a knowledge contest, a picture talk and a Chinese talent show. The knowledge contest involved Chinese language proficiency, knowledge of China-Thailand exchange and Chinese culture skills, aiming to explore the contestants’ understanding of Chinese language and culture.

The picture talk covered a wide range of topics, including everyday issues such as water conservation, cherishing food, respecting the elderly and caring for the young. The contestants appeared well composed while they demonstrated their excellent Chinese language skills and adaptability. The contestants from Ubon Rajathanee University and Khon Kaen University outperformed others in their picture talk. They not only accurately described the contents of the pictures, but also expressed their deep thoughts, winning praise from the judges.

Picture talk

In the Chinese talent show, each team showed their special talents. Ubon Rajathanee University welcomed the guests with tea amidst the euphonious guzheng, which was full of classic elegance. The Kungfu fan performance by Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University was rhythmic and vigorous. The versatile performers also reproduced some classic stage plays, such as Meng Jiangnu Weeps at the Great Wall, Hua Mulan Joins the Army, Legend of the White Snake and Butterfly Lovers.

Meng Jiangnu Weeps at the Great Wall

After nearly six hours of intense competition, Mahasarakham University won the first prize , while Khon Kaen University and Royal Mahasarakham University potted the second prize.

The purpose of this competition is to enhance the young students’ understanding of the Chinese language and culture in northeastern Thailand, inspire their enthusiasm for learning Chinese, and cultivate more excellent Chinese language talents.

Story and photos by Wu Xiaoqiong


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