Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University Hosts HSK/HSKK in Fall 2017

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University, USA [Time]    2017-11-16 13:30:22 

The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (SF State) hosted the internet-based HSK/HSKK tests on October 28th, 2017. 49 participants coming from San Francisco Bay Area and across California as a whole took all levels of HSK and HSKK. The total number of test takers is at the top of the test sites in the United States.

HSK/HSKK test site

The youngest HSK & HSKK test takers this time were brother and sister escorted by their mother from Hayward City, one-hour driving from East Bay. They came to campus earlier in order to get familiar with the Testing Center when waiting for check-in. Calvin, the brother is 12 years old, taking HSK level 4 and HSKK (Senior); Carol, the sister is only 9 years old, taking HSK level 3 and HSKK (intermediate). The mother said that although they grew up in the United States, the family has always attached great importance to Chinese education by speaking Chinese at home and sending them to the bilingual school. The parents hope that the brother and sister will not forget their mother tongue and culture. The mother told the Center that the Confucius Institute at SF State offered them a great opportunity to take both HSK and HSKK on the same day to test their Chinese language proficiency. The two kids didn't seem nervous at all. The brother was very calm and his sister was very active. They were both excited and interested in taking the global-recognized standard Chinese assessment.

The test takers concentrate on exams

Among the registered test takers this Fall, the most of them took HSK levels 4, 5 and 6. It is a strong signal that more and more university students and professionals have realized that taking HSK/HSKK - the international standardized Chinese language proficiency test - is a must for job application and an important requirement for scholarship to study in China.

Affected by the campus closure due to the wildfires in California, the HSK/HSKK tests on October 15th had to be postponed to October 28th. All the teachers of the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State worked together and reacted quickly. With the help of Chinese Testing International and the Test Center of North America,everything is in good order through effective communication in facing this challenge and re-arranging the two tests. After the test, many test takers showed their appreciation to Confucius Institute at SF State for making it convenient for them to take internet-based tests and offering advice and guidance before test.