First “Chinese Culture Week” Kicks off at Confucius Institute at Suez Canal University

[Source] [Time]    2017-11-08 16:03:31 

The first Chinese Culture Week, which includes activities such as film exhibition, calligraphy exhibition, lessons on Chinese language and table tennis, was held by the Confucius Institute at the Suez Canal University on November 31st.

Opening ceremony

Professor Hassan Ragab giving opening remarks

At the opening ceremony, students from the Chinese Department at the Suez Canal University performed a dance “Lotus Pool by Moonlight”. Afterwards, the magnificent “Jinghong Dance”, melodious folk instrument solo, and cheongsam show attracted even more attention and drew bursts of cheers and applause. At the end, the martial arts show and song “Chinese Kung Fu” brought the opening ceremony to its climax, amazing all the audience.

Opening dance “Lotus Pool by Moonlight”

Opening dance “Lotus Pool by Moonlight”

Martial arts show

Cheongsam show

Tai Chi show

Folk instrument solo

The faculty and students of the Confucius Institute at the Suez Canal University also prepared a variety of activities for visitors to experience Chinese calligraphy, food and Tai Chi, sing Chinese songs, make Chinese knots and try on Chinese minority costumes. Visitors attracted by such activities gathered at the exhibition stand lest they miss the chance to experience them. A student from the Confucius Institute expressed the hope to learn Chinese language well so as to have a better understanding of the Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute at the Suez Canal University pointed out that it would make persistent efforts to offer more, better and higher-quality activities to local citizens to experience the Chinese culture.

Egyptian students experiencing traditional Chinese costume

Activities to experience Chinese culture

Hassan Ragab, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at the Suez Cannal University, said that more and more Egyptians have developed their love over the recent years for the Chinese culture with the increasingly deepened Egypt-China cooperation, and the establishment of the Confucius Institute has strongly boosted the spread of Chinese language and culture in Egypt.

(, Ismailia, October 31th)