An All-inclusive Day—Confucius Institute Day Held in Milan

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On October 28th, the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan grandly held the celebration event of “Confucius Institute Day” and the 8th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Confucius Institute at its Carducci campus. China Cultural Center in Milan, Milan-Zheli Cultural Exchange Center, Milan Longjia Chinese School, Milan Oriental Dancing School, Hand-in-hand Italy-China Cultural Exchange Association in Milan and the volunteers of literature and art among the Chinese people from all walks of life worked together to prepare for the colorful recreation and sports programs and cultural experience activities for the Chinese culture demo day. Overseas Chinese, students from the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and people from all walks of life in China and Italy attended the event.

Yu Youxue, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, delivering a speech

The event coincides with the traditional Chinese Double Ninth Festival and was opened to the public on this very day. It showed teaching achievements and spread Chinese culture to the public. Yu Youxue, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute-Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, expressed his hope that the participants could have a specific taste for the charm of Chinese culture through this traditional Chinese festival with the implication of permanence and longevity.

In order to show different aspects of social life of an ancient civilization with diverse cultures in an all-inclusive way in a small venue, the event arranged a venue to show recreation and sports performance have people try Chinese culture activities at different venues and in different time. These activities provided a chance in an all-directional and three-dimensional way for all the international friends who have admired Chinese culture to feel it vividly and personally.

Paper-cutting Girl from Milan Oriental Dancing School

At the recreation and sports performance, the entertainment programs with national characteristics were carefully prepared, such as vocal music, dance, instrumental music, martial arts, model show. Adorable children from Milan Oriental Dancing School performed Paper-cutting Girl, in which the colorful ethnic costumes and children’s cheerful and puerile performance started a Chinese culture tour for the audience with great interest. Instrumental performers displayed their special skills to perform the refreshing Chinese classic tracks for the audience with traditional oriental musical instruments including the Chinese zither, guqin, the Chinese two-stringed fiddle, the Chinese lute and the cucurbit flute. Wang Gaojie, who learned martial arts in Shaolin at an early age and won three national champions of martial arts including Shaolin Drunken Stick, Double Broadsword against Stick, and Imitation Boxing, performed Chinese kung fu for the audience. The creative model show themed “Fifty-six Ethnic groups, Fifty-six Flowers”, demonstrated an enjoyable and happy family with multi-ethnic groups. Two male soloists respectively sang the Chinese Bel canto and a pop song.

As for Chinese culture experience activity, “Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” was held in two classrooms. In one classroom, two painters, An Pei and Du Gege wielded their writingbrush and, in a blink of an eye, finished their paintings of two plumblossoms in red and black ink coming alive on the paper. The children began to lift the writing brush out of curiosity, enjoying the fun in painting Beijing opera masks by themselves. While the smell of ink in painting and calligraphy writing filled one classroom, the other classroom was full of fragrance of the tea. Two teachers, Li Jiapeng and Du Yanying, displayed their skills in their familiar fields of Chinese go teaching and tea art. Looking outdoors one could feel free to do Tai Chi or kick shuttlecock. On the lawn of the garden, a team of “locals” with high-bridged noses and sunken eyes in traditional Chinese costumes were skillfully performing Yang Style Tai Chi in a confident and attentive way.

The Chinese culture experience activity could be perfect without delicacies. A long queue of people waited outside the supply center for Chinese buffet lunch to taste the Chinese food cooked with diverse sources of ingredients in various ways. It is impossible to appreciate the entire Chinese culture in one day, but it is possible enough to bring the dual enjoyment of spirit and material.


The Confucius Institute at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italian name:Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) is established in 2009. It is a achievement of sincere cooperation among Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Beijing Language and Culture University and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban).

(Story by Hua Xiao,, Milan, October 28th,)


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