Streetlight in the Eighth Street “Lit up” by Writer Cao Wenxuan and Young Readers in Munich

[Source]    Munich Confucius Institute, Germany [Time]    2017-10-20 17:44:44 

On October 10th, local time, the Munich Confucius Institute and the International Youth Library in Munich co-organized an interactive reading party for Streetlight in the Eighth Street written by Chinese writer Cao Wenxuan. Nearly 200 kids from 7 primary schools in Munich took part in the reading party.

Cao and young readers reading the Chinese and German version of Streetlight in the Eighth Street

German kids performing a stage play

In order to bring Cao Wenxuan closer to the young German readers, an interactive mode was introduced to the reading party. Cao Wenxuan read the Chinese version of Streetlight in the Eighth Street while the kids read the German version. The kids creatively displayed the plot of the story in the form of a stage play. They designed the streetlights and background on their own and finished clothing and appearance designs with the help of their teachers.

Cao Wenxuan taking photos with young performers

After the performance, Cao Wenxuan interacted warmly with little kids and answered their questions.

A group photo of Cao Wenxuan and representatives from the Munich Confucius Institute

In 2016 Cao Wenxuan has become the first Chinese author to win the Hans Christian Andersen award for children's literature. His literary work Streetlight in the Eighth Street won the Crown Books Award 2012 and has been translated into English, French, German and other languages.

This event, which is initiated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, occurred at the first stop of Cao Wenxuan’s literary exchange journey to Germany. Related activities will be held at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Heidelberg City Library.

Story by Shen Qimin