Standing on the Highest Forum of Cultural Exchange ——As Part of the fourth World Confucius Institute Day Activities, Cultural Exchange Conference of the Confucius Institute of Artois Held in UNESCO

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Artois [Time]    2017-10-13 13:57:19 

Between the 29th of September and the 3rd of October, the fourth World Confucius Institute Day serial activities of the Confucius Institute of Artois were unrolled in UNESCO and at Arras. Jointly organized by UNESCO, the Confucius Institute of Artois, and Beijing Normal University, the series comprises three parts: an international conference entitled “Chinese meta-cosmic speculation: cultures and languages in contact”, a concert themed the music and poetry of Zen, and a conference entitled "Well-Being in Chinese Thought".

The international conference was divided into two parts and separately held in UNESCO on 29th, September, and at the Artois University on 2nd, October, respectively. Thanks to the strong support of UNESCO, the conference was realized with great success.

In September, 2015, the born of the new research field of “trans-cultural Research” was witnessed by the renowned French sinologist Léon Vandermeersch, Professor YUE Daiyun of Beijing University, and Professor WANG Ning of Beijing Normal University. In December, 2016, the first institute of trans-cultural research was established at Beijing Normal University, and the three above mentioned scholars became the honorary presidents of the institute.

At nine o’clock on the 29th, September, 2017, the conference, themed Chinese meta-cosmic speculation: cultures and languages in contact, was held in the 11th hall of UNESCO, Paris. The conference was jointly hosted by Mr. Dhammaratana Tampalawela, the director of Buddhist Links at UNESCO Headquarters, and president of the International Buddhism Institute of Paris, and Mr. WANG Bangwei, professor of Beijing University, Mr. Léon Vandermeersch, renowned French sinologist, Mrs. WANG Ning and Mrs. DONG Xiaoping, professors of Beijing Normal University, Mr. Christoph Harbsmeier, professor of Oslo University of Norway, Mr. Rémi Mathieu, the research director of French National Centre of Scientific Research, Mrs. JIN Siyan, professor of Artois University, Mr. Bart Dessein, professor of Gand University of Belgium, and Mr. JIANG Zhujiu, 9 dan go player and the president of the American go association, and his wife, 9 dan go player Nui Naiwei, as well as Romain LEFEBVRE of ENS of Paris, attended the conference.

Guest Jiang Zhujiu, UNESCO, Paris, 29/09/2017

After the opening speech by Mr. Dhammaratana Tampalawela, Mr. Vandermeersch presented an academic discourse entitled "Confucius, the instigator of the Hundred Master Schools". Professor WANG Ning gave his argument in "Chinese and Chinese cultural traditions". Professor Mathieu and professor Harbsmeier shared their studies with experts and listeners on the theme of "Poetic language in Ancient China" and "Abstraction in Classical Chinese". Professor WANG Bangwei's "Buddhist Scriptures from India to China: Language, Text and Translation", and Professor Dessin's " The Art of Translation: Reshaping the Chinese Conceptual World", presented the important role of translation in cultural exchange. The most notable of the conference was the famous go player, JIANG Zhujiu, who won straight matches against five Japanese masters in the first China-Japan Go Challenge. With the speech entitled "Thoughts of I-Ching in the game of go", he disclosed part of the mystery of Chinese classical philosophy.

Group Photo, UNESCO, Paris, 29/09/2017

Guest Photo, UNESCO, Paris, 29/09/2017

On the 2nd of October, the second half of the conference was held at the Artois University, and Professor JIN Siyan, DONG Xiaoping, Romain LEFEBVRE and others shared with the audience their profound thoughts on culture related topics.

Group Photo, UNESCO, Paris, 02/10/2017

As part of the fourth World Confucius Institute Day Activities, this conference was the first cultural exchange event held in UNESCO by a Confucius Institute. It elevates the Confucius Institute onto the highest forum of world cultural exchange and will greatly promote the influence of Confucius Institute.

(Edition/WU Zhaoyang, Photos /WU Zhaoyang, XU Meng)


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