Culture Exhibition and Performance on 10th Anniversary of Confucius Institute at Arizona State University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Arizona State University, the United States [Time]    2017-10-04 17:58:18 

Recently, a series of activities have been jointly held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) of the US by the Institute, ASU’s cooperation partner Sichuan University, the affiliated Confucius Classroom and local community. On September 26th, local time, Chinese Culture Interaction Exhibition, "Chinese Story" Photographic Works Exhibition and a large-scale culture performance were held in the Chandler Center for the Arts.

Chinese Culture Interaction Exhibition was held in the center’s hall embellished with festive decorations with Chinese characteristics. Different exhibition booths with Chinese artistic features were well organized in the hall, expressing unique charisma of Chinese artistic culture in a multi-faceted way. Audience not only appreciated traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings and made Chinese handicrafts by themselves but also knew more about Chinese local conditions and social customs.

"Chinese Story" Photographic Works Exhibition also attracted numerous visitors. Photographs exhibited have shown American people China’s vast land, abundant resources, time-honored history and culture diversity of different ethnics.

During the performance at that night, Robert Joe Cutter, Director of Confucius Institute at ASU, delivered a speech to over 1,000 guests, reviewed the 10-year development course and achievements of the Confucius Institute at ASU and extended gratitude to the Confucius Institute Headquarter, the partner university, the Confucius Classroom and local community. The title "Excellent Confucius Institute in 2016" for the Confucius Institute at ASU was impossible without proactive cooperation among all sides. Wendy Nance, Executive Director at Chandler Unified School District, extended congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute at ASU. Prof. Wang Dongsheng from Sichuan University exchanged gifts with Robert Joe Cutter, together recognized their cooperation and exchanges and expressed hopes that both sides can step forward in the future hand in hand.

Exchanging gifts

The Sichuan University Art Troupe brought a brilliant art show. The dance Blooming Flower performed by 12 dancers with their graceful postures recreated a picture in which green lotus leaves were covering the lake, and bright lotuses were eager to bloom; the fantastic solo pipa tune House of Flying Daggers seemed to represent the war between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang at the end of the Qin Dynasty; the folk dance Ballad in the North expressed the feelings of longing for family and hometown, through the flying wild geese in the sky and melody of Morin khuur on the prairie; in the Dai dance Hua Yao Hua, a girl wearing glamorous robe with silver ornaments and an unique bamboo hat on her head was like flying and dancing over the forest and river; the Chuan Opera Face Off showed the character’s abstract happiness, anger and sorrow into specific images through changing face masks, which is so fast that the audience could even not notice; the audience experienced aural performance from the female solo Give You a Flower of Oriental Jasmine and the tune of the male and female duet Song of the Festival. The art show ended up successfully with the Tibetan dance Feng Gu Sheng Sheng.

The show site

Chuan Opera Face Off

Tibetan dance FengGu Sheng Sheng

Notably, the dance "Walking in the Waves" performed by students from "Confucius Chinese-learning Immersion Project" of Tarwater Elementary School in the Chandler Unified School District won general praises from the audience. Diane Hale, Principal of Tarwater Elementary School, expressed thanks to the Confucius Institute, saying, "This is a good opportunity for cultural exchanges. Our students are pretty honored to have the opportunity to perform on the stage with teachers and students from Sichuan University Art Troupe."

Students performing Walking in the Waves

The next day, the Confucius Institute at ASU held the10th anniversary celebration with over 200 guests from all walks of life in China and the US at present. Shelley Stephenson, Senior Director of International Development Project at ASU, expressed her recognition of the contributions and achievements made by the institute over the past ten years, which can be well proofed by the continuously increasing number of mandarin learners, especially in the language and culture exchange projects.

Shelley Stephenson delivering a speech

Xie Heping, President of Sichuan University, sent a congratulation letter in high praise of the dedication of the Confucius Institute from every aspect. He pointed out that Sichuan University has established a deep-rooted friendship with the Confucius Institute at ASU which has undertaken marvelous contributions to advancing Chinese culture and teaching mandarin. Sichuan University will, as always, support its work and wish it an excellent achievement in the future.

Fang Dingzhi, Deputy Dean of the School of Overseas Education at Sichuan University, addressing the event on behalf of President

In the ceremony, students from Sichuan University Art Troupe, ASU and the Confucius Classroom together performed a wonderful show, winning warm applause from the audience.

Student volunteers in the Confucius Classroom

The ten-year development is a milestone, as well as a starting point. The Confucius Institute at ASU will carry out China-US culture exchange cooperation and undertake the promotion of Chinese language culture as always, so as to drive the development of mandarin education in Arizona State, further improve the understanding between the two peoples and embrace a glory in the next ten years.