We Are Ten Years Old——Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt Celebrates 10th Anniversary

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt [Time]    2017-09-29 17:26:20 

On September 21st, local time, with flute melody, Nautilus began its new voyage from the Main River in Frankfurt. Decorated with lanterns and colored festoons, the cruise was full of cheers and laughter. Representatives from the Hessen government, the Frankfurt municipal government, the Chinese Embassy in Germany, the Chinese Consulate General in Frankfurt, Goethe University Frankfurt and Fudan University gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt.

The ceremony began with a lute solo—Yi Dance, which was invested with Chinese characteristics. Wang Jingling, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt, first expressed his thanks to the distinguished guests and the support and help from people of all walks of life during the 10-year development of the Confucius Institute.

Lute solo—Yi Dance

Wang Jingling delivering a speech

Norbert Noisser, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economy, Energy, Transportation and Regional Development in the Hesse-Darmstadt, emphasized the long-term strategic cooperative partnership kept by China and Germany. He said that Hesse-Darmstadt and China have close ties: more than 12,000 ethnic Chinese live there, making Hesse-Darmstadt one of the biggest Chinese communities in Germany. Hesse-Darmstadt, whose total trade volume with China last year reached a new high with €12.7 billion, is a German state with the most capital storage invested by China. Also, in the past decade, the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt has built a bridge of creativity and vitality for Hesse-Darmstadt and Chinese friends via colorful activities. The Confucius Institute has become an indispensable part of cultural life in Hesse-Darmstadt.

Norbert Noisser delivering a speech

In his address, Kraus Mobius, Vice Mayor of Frankfurt, cited Confucius’ saying “My aim is to express myself clearly,” stressing the importance of language in cultural exchanges. He said that since it was established, the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt has been committed to promoting Chinese language and culture. Numerous cultural events held by the institute have aroused great interest in Chinese language and culture among Frankfurt citizens. Some of these events were jointly held by the institute and the Frankfurt government, achieving a great success.

Kraus Mobius delivering a speech

Wang Shunqing, Consul General of China in Frankfurt, gave full affirmation to the Confucius Institute’s efforts in promoting local Chinese teaching, strengthening language and cultural exchanges between China and Germany, and deepening understanding and cooperation among people from all walks of life in the two countries in the past decade. Meanwhile, he hoped that the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt would innovate the education system, and make full use of resources from Goethe University Frankfurt, the municipal government of Frankfurt, and other fields in the society to further develop the Confucius Institute, contribute to cultural exchanges between China and Germany and achieve a great success in the coming decade.

Wang Shunqing delivering a speech

Rebekka Göhring, Director of the International Office of Goethe University Frankfurt, highly affirmed the collaboration between the Confucius Institute, Goethe University Frankfurt and Fudan University, especially the forum for young scholars held by the three sides since 2015. This forum provides a precious opportunity for young scholars in the field of sinology and China studies to share their research findings with the audience.

Rebekka Göhring delivering a speech

Xu Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC at Fudan University, read a congratulatory letter sent by Xu Ningsheng, President of Fudan University. The president said, the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt has gone through numerous hardships, experienced and grown amid doubts, hesitations, difficulties and challenges. The teaching activities and other activities in the past decade not only have witnessed the intimacy and friendship between China and Germany, but also to some extent, have met the needs and interest of people from all walks of life in Germany for Chinese language and culture, opening up a new world for the two peoples to enhance understanding, consolidate friendship and develop together. Xu Zheng also presented a gift of Fudan University to the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Xu Zheng delivering a speech

Yang Zhiyi, the professor of the Sinology Department and Chairman of the board of directors of the Confucius Institute at Goethe University Frankfurt, raised new requirements and expectations for the development of the Confucius Institute by summing up the past achievements. She indicated that based on the unique status and the complicated social structure of Frankfurt, the Confucius Institute would explore more approaches to communicate and corporate with local political groups, cultural groups and business groups, in order to integrate Chinese culture with local society.

Yang Zhiyi delivering a speech

Solo-dance Fantasy of Jasmine by Zeng Yuanyuan

Kun opera Peony Pavilion by Zhang Weidong

Peking Opera Lucky Trio

Chen Xiyao and Li Zhiyi: duet Horse Racing

After guests’ speeches, the Confucius Institute played a retrospective short film about its 10-year development. Then, a solo dance—Fantasy of Jasmine, performed by Zeng Yuanyuan, took guests into the atmosphere of south of the Yangtze River in China. Zhang Weidong, a famous performing artist of Kun Opera, showed the essence of Chinese opera through a selected part of Peony Pavilion. Wen Lei and Dong Yaping, members of Peking Opera Club in Deutschland, performed a Peking Opera—Lucky Trio, vividly demonstrating the scene of Xiao He chasing Han Xin under the moon. Chen Xiyao, a teacher from Fudan University, played an erhu solo—Birdsong in Hollow Valley. All the audience were all in awe during her performance. And Chen Xiyao, along with Li Zhiyi, played Horse Racing, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.