The First Chinese Publication and Chinese Culture Exhibition Kicks off in Katmandu

[Source] [Time]    2017-09-01 16:24:32 

A Chinese volunteer teacher talking with a Nepalese student

The first Chinese Publication and Chinese Culture Exhibition was held in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal on August 26th.

The exhibition was sponsored by the CRI Confucius Classroom Nepal and co-organized by Xinzhi Books Chinese Bookstore in Katmandu.

Students watching the video show carefully

It is said that this exhibition includes three parts: the publication exhibition area, the culture experience area and the video show area and the major activities of this exhibition include a book fair of Chinese publications, a fair of Chinese language textbooks, a calligraphy-learning activity, a video show of some Chinese movies and 100 short videos about Chinese culture.

Nearly 500 people, including Prakash Babu Paudel, head of the local FM radio station, Hou Mingjie, Manager of the International Chinese Teachers’ Home, employees from Chinese-funded enterprises in Nepal and teachers and students from over 20 colleges and universities such as Tribhuvan University took part in the exhibition.

Prakash Babu Paudel told the journalist that the exhibits on display are full of variety: Chinese books enable the Nepalese people to know about China and interesting multimedia video shows let people gain a basic understanding of the cultural life of modern China. In the end, he hoped that exhibition activities of this series could be held on a regular basis in the future in Katmandu.

Hou Mingjie, when talking with the teachers at the exhibition, stated that the Chinese Publication and Chinese Culture Exhibition was novel and fascinating, effectively stimulating students’ interest in learning Chinese language and providing a good platform for Chinese language learners to study and communicate with each other.

Xiang Pingyong, Director of Xinzhi Books Chinese Bookstore in Katmandu, said that the original purpose of establishing this bookstore was to spread Chinese culture across the globe and let more people take a close look at and know about Chinese culture. Taking this opportunity, Nepalese students enter the bookstore to experience Chinese culture on their own, which, compared to what they did in the past, was a brand new attempt. “We will hold more such kind of activities in various schools.” he said.

(Story by Zhang Chenyi, photos by Zhongxin;, August 26th, Katmandu)


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