Deputy Director-General of Hanban Jing Wei and Her Delegation Visit and Instruct Work at the Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University, Peru [Time]    2017-08-29 15:34:37 

On the afternoon of August 17th local time, Jing Wei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director-General of Hanban, and her delegation visited the Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University (RPU). Iván Rodríguez Chávez, President of RPU, Chinese and foreign directors of the Confucius Institute, as well as teacher and student representatives of the Confucius Institute greeted them in front of the administration building of the university.

Jing Wei and her delegation first inspected the venues linked to the Confucius Institute, and held a work meeting with President Iván and the Chinese and foreign directors of the Confucius Institute. During the meeting, Jing Wei and Iván exchanged in-depth views on the future development of the institute. Iván first pointed out that China, as a rising major country, enjoys a robust development momentum, and that Chinese will be an indispensable language skill for future talents. The support of the Confucius Institute for setting up a Chinese-Spanish translation program at the university carries great significance, which, more importantly, provides a rare opportunity for college students in Peru.

Rosa, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute, briefed the supervision group on the Chinese language teaching and cultural activities of the Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University since the start of operations. She also highlighted the construction and future development plans of the Chinese-Spanish translation program.

Jing Wei expressed gratitude to Iván for his constant support for the Confucius Institute, and showed appreciation to Director Rosa and staff for their devotion and hard work. She noted that, with the continuous advancement of China-Peru comprehensive strategic partnership and practical cooperation in various fields between the two sides, there is a growing interest and demand for learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture among Peruvian people, and young people in particular. Ricardo Palma University, as the only university that runs a Chinese translation program in Latin America, plays an exemplary role in Chinese language teaching and development of the Confucius Institute in the region. In the future, the Confucius Institute Headquarters is willing to work together with Ricardo Palma University to continue these programs well in an effort to cultivate and produce more high-quality translation talents for Latin America, and accumulate strength for training local teaching staff for Confucius Institutes in the region.

Ms. Jing Wei examining teaching work at the Confucius Institute

Afterwards, the supervision group held a discussion meeting with teacher and student representatives, and watched the performances presented by the students. Jing Wei praised the students for their fluent Chinese and wonderful Chinese talent shows, and encouraged them to keep on studying Chinese hard and knowing more about Chinese culture. She also expressed that the Confucius Institute Headquarters will create favorable conditions for the students to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture in China through such projects as scholarships and Chinese Bridge Summer Camp.

A group photo of Jing Wei, Iván, and teacher and student representatives of the Confucius Institute

Finally, Jing Wei and her delegation held an informal discussion meeting with the Chinese teacher representatives, asking whether there were any difficulties in their work and life. They encouraged the teachers to take the opportunity of working abroad to learn Spanish so as to improve themselves and lay a sound foundation for their future career development. Meanwhile, they also welcome extraordinary volunteer teachers who aspire to dedicate themselves to teaching Chinese as a foreign language and disseminating Chinese culture to join the team of full-time teachers and directors of Hanban.

Story by Fang Yu, Bai Ye