Students from Confucius Institute at San Diego State University Visit Hanban

[Source]    Confucius Institute U.S. Center [Time]    2017-08-07 11:11:41 

On July 25th, the Confucius Institute Headquarters received a group of special guests—the delegation of students from the Confucius Institute at San Diego State University (SDSU) along with their parents. The students presented a wonderful report-back performance of learning “six arts”. Prof. Liu Yanshen, Honorary Director of the Confucius Institute at SDSU and Deputy Director of National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning (NERCEL), Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director-General of Hanban, Yu Tianqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hanban and others attended the activity.

Ma extended warm welcome to the delegation and highly praised the Confucius Institute at SDSU for its innovative form of Chinese language and culture promotion initiated and promoted by Prof. Liu and Director Liu Lirong, the Confucius Institute, other than merely teaching Chinese language, helped students study the essence of the splendid Chinese traditional culture in a more comprehensive way through the new “six arts”, and the effect was surprising.

Ma Huimei and Shang Kesi, students in the Confucius Institute for 8 years, introduced their learning experience in standard Chinese. Learning Chinese, as they said, enriched their knowledge, broadened their horizon and helped them better understand the world. They also expressed appreciation to the teachers in the Confucius Institute and the “six arts” course, through whom and which they could feel the extensive, profound and charismatic Chinese culture in the US as well.

Shang Kesi performing Chinese martial art

Soon afterwards, students put on performances such as poetry recitation of The Mid-Autumn Festival, Tune: ‘Prelude to Water Melody’, Xinjiang Dance, Chinese Kungfu, peacock dance, mental abacus, and a group dance of Chinese sign language named A Grateful Heart. Among these performers, the youngest was only 6 and no one beyond 13. Their fluent Chinese and brilliant performance of new “six arts” won bursts of applause from the audience.

Students performing mental abacus

The group dance of Chinese sign language: A Grateful Heart

After the show, parents, one after another, volunteered to share the changes for the children and the families brought by the Confucius Institute and Chinese learning. Ms. Rau said that Chinese is the language of the future. The reason why she chose the Barnard Elementary School for her son Lexus was that under the support from the Confucius Institute at SDSU, the school provided Chinese language course and thus the incomparable opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. Via 4 years of study, her son learned not only Chinese but the new “six arts” like martial arts, cucurbit flute, calligraphy and Chinese Zhusuan. By connecting with China and Chinese culture, which will cultivate his leadership potential, he would experience a different life as well as different future career development.

Monica, a Latino parent, spoke highly of the Confucius Institute, for it provided poor Latino students with the valuable chance to learn Chinese language and culture, which brought positive changes to their life and even the whole community. Therefore, she thanked the Confucius Institute Headquarter and the institute at SDSU. Another parent, Bill, said that his son is a first grader in Barnard Elementary School. The industrious, vigorous and passionate Chinese language teachers and volunteers are not merely students’ good teachers and friends but also precious resources for the community to understand China.

Prof. Liu Yanshen giving a speech

A group photo

Prof. Liu Yanshen pointed out in his speech that the students’ performance showed their deep understanding of Chinese culture, which was a significant outcome of the new “six arts”. After 13 years, the Confucius Institute gradually established a sound operation mechanism and became a platform for exchanges between China and other countries. In the future, guided by the principle of innovation, cooperation, inclusiveness and sharing, the Confucius Institute is supposed to further deepen the reform and innovation in teacher management, textbook selection and teaching methods, as well as extend the functions and improve the quality in running the institute. Also, it should give play to the zeal of Chinese-foreign cooperative institutions, promote the deep integration of cooperative school running and the local development of the Confucius Institute, persist in open-door education, and facilitate mutual culture learning. He stressed that the Confucius Institute should serve the Belt and Road Initiative, propel regional cooperation, benefit people from different countries, and boost the diversity of the world. At the end of his speech, he wished that the Confucius Institute could cultivate more excellent individuals and leaders with international perspective and humanistic spirit, so as to make new contributions to world peace and human development.