Contestants of “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition Appreciate Charm of Hunan Culture

[Source]    Hunan Daily [Time]    2017-07-28 16:01:20 

The 16th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Student is in full swing. Recently, the contestants visited CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., Longping Rice Museum, the Orange Island, and the Yuelu Academy to experience and study the Hunan Culture.

In Longping Rice Museum, the contestants watched two films named The Dream of Enjoying Cool Under the Shade of Grain and The Dream of Hybrid Rice Spreading Across the World respectively with keen interest. Applying high-tech display methods such as 240-degree holographic projection, life-size scenery, and animation, the two films integrated cultural relics, scenes and sculptures to demonstrate the two dreams of Yuan Longping. “I feel as if everything happened in my mind and I can appreciate the charm of Chinese culture so closely”, said Bailing from Tajikistan.

Then, the contestants went to Yuelu Academy, where they had a more direct and profound understanding of ancient Chinese philosophies and cultures by virtue of the scholastic atmosphere of this time-honored academy. “The trip is fruitful. It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. What I have learned in the two-day trip is far beyond my previous understanding of Chinese culture.” said Chen Haobo, a Myanmar contestant.

After this culture experience activity, the contestants who fail to qualify for the final round of the competition will return to their countries successively. They will return with their passion for Chinese language and culture and their sentimental attachment to Chinese civilizations, and become messengers for promoting Chinese culture.

Story by Reporter Ru Rong and Correspondent Quanbo Lanque, Hunan Daily, July 24th