“Deng Zi: Chinese Modern Ceramics Art” Exhibition Held in Melbourne

[Source]    Confucius Institute at La Trobe University in Australia [Time]    2017-07-28 15:35:59 

On July 18th local time, the College of Art, Social Sciences and Commerce and the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University co-hosted the “Deng Zi: Chinese Modern Ceramics Art” exhibition. Kerri-Lee Krause, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, Anthony McGrew, Pro Vice Chancellor of the university and Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute, Huang Guobin, Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne, Karan Quinlan, Director of the College of Art, Social Sciences and Commerce and Director of Bendigo Art Gallery and others were present at the opening ceremony.

Anthony said in his speech that it is such a pleasure to invite the young Chinese artist Deng Zi to hold the exhibition in Melbourne on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of La Trobe University. The university and the Confucius Institute have been devoted to promoting the cultural exchanges between the two countries in Melbourne and the State of Victoria. The Confucius Institute and the College of Arts, Social Science and Commerce have co-hosted many cultural exhibitions. The works of Deng Zi include the characteristics of Chinese literati as well as the spirituality of nature. The life space and life aesthetics are blended in the ceramic art, which convey the Chinese aesthetics.

Anthony McGrew delivering an opening speech

Huang Guobin said in the speech that porcelain is the treasure of Chinese culture, boasting a history of more than one thousand years. Chinese ceramics went global through the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia, and the two countries have been enjoying closer economic, cultural and people-to-people exchanges. The ceramic art exhibition provides a good platform for the cultural exchanges between artists and citizens from both countries.

Huang Guobin delivering a speech

Karan Quinlan stated in her speech that this exhibition represents the full cooperation between the college and the Confucius Institute. The art works of Deng Zi integrate the Chinese contemporary art and traditional art, and combine the practicability and the aesthetics together, which displays the Chinese philosophy on man and nature and on man and society.

Karen Quinlan delivering a speech

Deng Zi introduced the concept of his works in his speech, which combines the ink landscape paintings in the Song Dynasty with porcelain as the carrier while adopting the art language of Chinese painting, so as to create art works with Chinese humanism characteristics. He hoped that this visit to Australia will promote the cultural and art exchanges between China and Australia, show the Chinese-style life aesthetics to Australian friends and share the Chinese ceramic arts.

Deng Zi introducing the concept of his work

The folk music orchestra from the Caves Art Center was invited to give musical performances at the opening ceremony. Chinese tea art performance was also presented at the ceremony.

Folk music orchestra from the Caves Art Center

Performance of Chinese tea art

Anthony McGrew giving a present to Deng Zi on behalf of La Trobe University

Deng Zi introducing his works to the guests



A group photo of Deng Zi and guests

The three-day ceramic art exhibition mainly exhibited ceramic screens, porcelain paintings, modern ceramic ornaments, ceramic vases, bonsais and Chinese tea sets and other works. After the exhibition, Deng Zi donated all the exhibits to La Trobe University and the Confucius Institute.

Story by Zhou Siyun