Discover China Day Held Successfully in Oropi School

[Source]     [Time]    2017-07-27 16:33:45 

For the purpose of increasing the understanding and appreciation of colorful Chinese culture, the Oropi School held a grand "discovery China" cultural event On 15th of June. This event included four workshops, they are Chinese martial arts workshop, tai chi fan dancing workshop, Chinese painting workshop and dumplings making workshop.

Yang Jia, Mandarin Language Assistant from Wanganui showed the students the martial arts with the knife, sword and cudgel to the song Chinese Kungfu. Everyone was so impressed by that. Then, Mr.Yang taught the students about the manner of Martial arts and Five-step. Not only the students learnt the skill, but also they learnt the persevering spirit in Martial arts.

Martial Arts

At the tai chi fan dancing workshop, Wu Shasha and Chen Yuyue introduced some basic knowledge about Tai Chi Fan, then they taught them how to open and close the fan. After that, they all practiced with the music. All of the children picked up the skill of tai chi fan dancing and had fun. After class, many kids were still holding the fan: “Can we do that again?”,“Thanks, Miss, It’s really cool”.

Gongfu Fan

Qiao Jiaojiao was responsible for calligraphy and painting. Students were learning how to write from one to ten in Chinese to feel the writing brush. Then they draw pandas and bamboo. Kids love it and said: "It's cool and looks like kungfu panda." After class, a lot of kids came to me and said: "Thank you, teacher!" in Chinese.

Chinese Painting

As the very attractive part, Cui Kaina and Bai Zeping taught the students how to make dumplings with the assistance of the teachers. Every student had their chance to make dumplings, some students even made some dinosaur dumplings and rose dumplings. While our MLAs cooking dumplings, the students waited beside and said ‘The smell makes me hungry!’‘Jiaozi smells so yummy!” Ms.Cui said, ‘It’s my first time to make so many dumplings. And we are so happy that the students enjoy this activity and the Chinese culture so much.’

Dumpling Making

Discover China is one of the most successful culture activities that Victoria University held all these years. Through this activity, the Oropi School students not only experienced the Chinese Martial Arts, dancing, drawing and food, but also help them understand better of Chinese culture and strengthen their affection for it.


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